Monday, April 7, 2014

A month of rectangles...

Quilting is my passion. Alas, time commitments & other distractions often limit my time for it. I am joining a group called "Fiber of all sorts". (I am already 4 months late for their "Loverly Year of Finishes- Goal Setting Party")
My friend Tricia recommended it as a good way to make both short and long term quilting goals. (I have an absurd stack of UFO's).
So here goes. My very first blog post.

My quilt guild is beginning a new project called "Completely Dotty". I adore the bright colors and opportunity to learn a new skill (paper piecing). It gave me an excuse to shop for lots of new fabric.

But the very first task is to cut 250 light & 250 dark 3 X 6" rectangles. It is daunting!
So I have set my goal for the month of April as just that.

By May 1st I will have cut 500 rectangles and begin going dotty! 


  1. Congratulations on your very first blog post. I like the dotty fabrics you have chosen. And I think I see a zig-zag fabric too. That one is nice also. I'll be looking forward to seeing the project you make.

  2. Thank You. The zigzag will be the border & the other fabric the backing! I have already cut 100 rectangles!

  3. I love all the fabrics you've chosen! Paper piecing is so fun.

  4. Welcome to blogging!! I'm so glad you decided to play! Your dotty fabric looks great and I'll see you on Thursday. It will be a fun class.

  5. LOL! Robyn ~ welcome to the world of blogging!! Love your fabrics but if you are in the mood to trade for some zzzzz's I'm doing the "dotty" quilt in stripes. (Just gotta be different!) and your chevron fabric is too cute!. (Oh, and I have dots too...)

  6. Hi Tana,
    Hmmmmm, now I thought of dotty as... well... dots! But I love your chevron idea. It actually left me wondering if chevrons might work completing the 3 squares that form the center dot?
    The chevron I have I had bought as the binding. (The other fabric on top will be the back.)
    A swap would be fun! (I swapped 100's of ATC a few years back & it was such fun!)
    After cutting for a week to be sure to have at least 250 light & 250 dark pieces- to be prepared...
    our group met, & the team leader handed out the pattern, demonstrated, and we sewed 1 arch! (Or 6 rectangles!) It took me longer to set up my sewing space! Tricia got me through a second block & then we called it a day.
    Anyhow, I plan to several each week to be ready for our next "hive" in June.

  7. Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging!! You'll love it! Looking forward to seeing your work. LOVE this dot project!!! val from