Thursday, January 29, 2015

A New Year with New Goals

Structure, organization... sorting, packing, purging...

We are finally ready to REMODEL the kitchen!
I have waited far too long and the excitement is a bit overshadowed presently by the prep work.
So my quilting time has been limited.


I have come to a realization at this, the start of the new year...

I have agreed to participate in both my modern quilt group & quilt shops block of the month.
Can I admit this out loud as a quilter? or will I be struck down by the Quilt Police?
Well, here goes...


There- I said it and my sewing room did not explode!
Perhaps it is the requirement to create someone else's pattern... or use their fabrics... or perhaps it is the commitment. But I think it is far more likely... I do not like to measure, cut, piece, and then figure out why my block fails to look like or measure as expected in block description. :(
I think that is why I am an art quilter. I can design my own quilt and do so as I see fit in my own timeframe. 
So... here it is: the January block for my modern quilt group. 
(It is actually a pattern from the block of the month shared by The Knoxville Modern Quilt Guild)
I Tried & tried to get piece "E" to fit in the middle without its pucker. Eventually, I gave up and decided it was "good enough". Perhaps I will come back to it... but I doubt it.

I also needed to complete a challenge block for my guilds show. Since I am currently working on star blocks (I will get to that in a moment), I decided to use their fabrics for that. But when I was done... it was too small, so I added uneven borders. This morning I looked at it... I hate it :( So I will have to figure out how to alter it.
Any suggestions?

My other big commitment is for quiltcon. 
I registered for a class with Lee Heinrich called "Off The Grid: Working alternative layouts".  
I need 5-20 pre-made, completed blocks to be the main quilt design.
No big deal you are thinking?
Alas... I made it one anyway and decided to grab my bags of selvedges & make the fabric for the blocks.

I plan to use several different star designs.
I will post some blocks soon...

Update of Our guilds quilt show challenge block.
I recropped, used what little colored fabric I had left and pieced it. I am much happier with it now. TY for feedback



  1. I love the pinwheel colors! I don't see a solution other than the borders you added. They look fine to me but I know that in person is often different than in a photo.

    I hate BOMs too, mainly because I don't really care for sampler quilts and they are nearly always samplers.

    1. I cropped in my block and added a partial colored border with the small amount of fabric I had left. I am much happier with it. Every member was expected to create at least one block for our quilt show to create "the challenge wall". At the next meeting after show, they draw names and give out groups of blocks. All must have same background & colors. I am trying to figure out how to post pic... .

  2. Lovely selvage fabric... I love working with selvages!
    But why did you torture yourself by agreeing to make BOMs if you loathe them? Set yourself free!

    1. We are a fairly new group hoping to become a modern guild very soon. It is one of our team building projects...
      The other BOM is from the local quilt shop... they are offering us the space to meet... In any case... I will see how long I can keep it up & will set myself free for sure if I need to...

  3. I really liked the original star block. It looked like a star hurtling through space. I would have suggested leaving it alone. But since you already changed it, I really like the change. I love how it just has the thin strips on one corner. Very "out of the box" for our traditional guild. The quilt police might boot you out. HAHAHA

    Your January block turned out so good for our modern group! So what if there's a little pucker. And you don't have to do them if it stresses you out. I know how much you hate them.