Friday, October 23, 2015

Selvage Shoes!

Storms are flooding in to Texas (LITERALLY)!
We have already been pounded with over 10" of rain this weekend... and there is still no let up!
We need it... just NOT ALL AT ONCE!!!

I FINALLY created my Selvage Shoes!

A very special Thank you to Michelle Stoffel of Firetrail Designs  for posting her tutorial!

You can go check it out at:

I am always collecting selvages and have been planning to make these shoes for a very long time.

My dear friend Tricia and I started out with trips to JoAnns for supplies & purchased pairs of Bobs.

Then we enjoyed a fun "childlike" playdate cutting selvages, pasting & getting messy with mod podge, laughing & smiling!

We piled a bunch of selvages on the table.
I think she was stunned by the amount in my collection...
I did not tell her I had more bags in the back of the house!

My dear friend Tricia on our mod pod edge selvage playdate

The shoe has a definite pattern and shape... 
so we followed it...

Tricia is neat and preplans...
I just paste, shift, and got quite messy!

We saved the toes for last...

and... fully selvaged!

Once I was finished placing selvages & liked the layout, I covered the entire shoe in more layers of Fabric Mod Podge
***(Too many layers in fact... they are a bit sticky)

The mod lodge is forgiving at the beginning 
& you can adjust things, 
They recommend a thick coat of mod podge  
afterwards to set it all in place.

I lets them dry a few days and then:

TA DA!!!!!

I can't wait to wear them to my guild meeting & International Quilt Festival next week!


  1. These are so cool!!!! What a neat idea. Congrats on a really neat finish!!

  2. Those are wild! I'm sure you'll be the talk of the festival!

  3. What a fun project - and even more so because you shared it with a friend :) Congratulations on meeting your goal :)

  4. What a fun project! I would never have thought to do that and I've been saving my selvages for years!

  5. Super fun! I put Modge Podge on my list and am wandering the house looking for items to re-cover...

  6. What fun and a neat idea. Congratulations on your October finish.