Saturday, November 7, 2015

2015 Fall Quilt Festival: Part Two

So much to say... And, like so many other attendees trying to keep up with festival postings... 
It gets away from you. It is a feast for every sense and hard to truly describe by me in words for my blog. 

This was my third year fortunate enough to attend.
The week was exhausting... Probably longer than I had the energy to truly handle.
While also,
being shorter than one needs it to be to do it all.

You have no real choice, but to accept the fact- you can't. 
Take in all you can.
You are at the biggest quilt event there is. 
Enjoy every minute.
And hopefully... Come back next year....

I am just going to add in a few pics from my last workshop & days in Houston. 

My final of 3 workshops was on Saturday. 


I had already spent 2 days with her earlier in the week.
This time, we spent our time on bindings, prairie points, and other unique decorative quilt dimensional additions...

Philippa & I posed with my completed samples

Later that day was their Halloween party. I got all "wicked"...

My goal was a sort of dame- ghoulish- darkish old victorian.
Instead, I was asked if I was a 'Harry Potter villains"... 
ummmm, is it a better costume that way? If so... ok.... let's go with that!

The crowd was filled with Halloween fun waiting in line!

The crowd was fun and ready to party. 
Good food, live band, lots of fun costumes!

They had a Photo Booth for ghoulish freebies

My final day, I spent back on showroom floor looking once again at some of my favorite quilts and obtaining close ups of eyeballs. 
(Still my week spot in portrait quilting)

Here are just a few closeups from very creative quilters: 

It rained sooooo much all week. 
Houston has NO drainage... Everything floods. I don't know how they survive. 

Hotel attached to convention center is the difference between being on time for workshops- and perhaps missing them completely...

This year was made even worse by the round the clock- all around the downtown construction...

lovely view from my window

I made it home Sunday night after flight delays between downpours... Exhausted!!! 
But grateful for the experiences and now, the memories. 

There is so very much to be gained at the international quilt festival.
The show, the workshops, the people you meet... And did I mention the shopping!!!

I shipped home a box to keep luggage checkable... 
And frankly, for later delivery so I could unwrap it like a new gift later in week!

Yesterday, my kitchen window seat cushions were finally completed!

The final project to complete our kitchen renovation! 
Window seat cushions finally in place :)

And today- it was back on another plane for a weekend with my DH...
It's his turn for a special adventure... And I am along for the "ride". 

Already, counting down until festival next year!

TY to my DH 
for another memorable 
International Quilt Festival experience!

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