Friday, March 25, 2016

Post-Quilt Show Breakdown & a Garter for the Wedding...

The quilt show now behind us... and life moves on. 
What takes months to organize & days to assemble- breaks down quickly...
Within 2 hours of show closure- all quilts have been returned to their entrants, the staging is packed up for next year and the QGET has left little trace of it's wonderful 2016 convention.
It takes many volunteers to pull a show like this together. 
Those on hand...  and those that hold things together back at home while we neglect all else to get through it. 
TY again to my DH for putting up with all of the chaos.

All that remains is a program... 
& an article snipped from the newspaper... 

Show closes at 5... and by 6:15 the waiting quilters are eager to pick up their quilts.

 A final look at my quilt- first view of show when you enter convention hall:
ferns begone that guarded the poles

Quilts are quickly removed from poles holding their sleeves by 3 people. 
A gloved quilter "catches" & gently removes the quilt, while a man on a ladder controls the pole & another man the retaining beams.
One break in rhythm can cause a collapse... I find this the most stressful part of the whole show! (Especially carrying those heavier quilts with ribbons hanging)
Across the convention hall, another team folds the quilts... tags, judges comments, and those well deserved ribbons facing out.

multiple teams work together for show breakdown, quilt preparation, and finally distribution

Once quilts are removed...
down comes the linens for folding...
then the poles & beams- until next year!

After take down and folding is completed- 
the quilters are allowed entry to pick up the quilts.
It is a slow process... being sure the right person with the right receipt picks up the right quilts, its ribbons, & judges critiques.

lined up to pick up their quilts... 
1 hour after show closure: All frames already disassembled!

The next day I did not want to do anything but relax!
A final look at my entries:

Quilt show behind me,
I spent most of today working on wedding needs for one of the kids friends. She grew up spending a lot of time in our home and DH is giving her away. She asked if I would make her a garter & a guest book. (Reminding me I had made her nearly all her homecoming mums... it's a Texas thing)

Her wedding has a Hall of Mirrors from The Palace of Versailles theme. (Not at all sure what that means... but I figured glitz, chandeliers, royalty & poof?
Anyways... I wanted to create a chandelier look for her garter.
I picked up some simple wedding supplies at the store, grabbed my glue gun & bedazzler & went to work.
Not quite sure I achieved it... but it is heavy on the bedazzling, the ribbons do dangle, & I found some rhinestone crown buttons.

 guest book decorated similarly

To Regan & Josh.... 
Wishes for a very special wedding 
& happy future.

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