Friday, May 20, 2016

The SPRING CHALLENGE that was purebred for June

It's that time of year again... 
weddings, graduations, end of term events... and the list goes on and on.
I never seem to be home long enough to go anywhere near my sewing room.


I am the VP of programing for The Tyler Modern Quilt Guild & I had personally proposed a spring challenge last winter... so I knew I had to follow through on it.

I challenged our members to create a quilt featuring their MONTHLY BIRTHSTONES & FLOWERS.  I gave them FEB through MAY 2016 to complete their creation.
Needless to say... I delayed... and now hurried to get it ready for next weeks meeting. 

So here were the specifics I challenged:

-Your quilt must represent YOUR BIRTH MONTH and can be created any way you wish. (EX: applique, pieced, painted, whole cloth, embroidered, embellished)
-Your BIRTH FLOWER must be somewhere on the FRONT of the quilt.
You can make ANYTHING you like… a spring table runner? pillow? wall hanging? Something new… JUST GO FOR IT!!!"
I also provided a formal listing with REMINDERS of MONTHS, BIRTHSTONES, FLOWERS, & their MEANINGS to help them get started.

My birthday is June 4th. 
Thus: June: White/Cream Pearl -Red Rose …Love, strong.

Purebred by Erin Michael for modafabrics

I love the combination of colors created by the "paint by numbers" within the fabrics palette of roses... the reds, creams, pearls, grays, & greens. I thought the fabrics perfect & am so glad I stumbled on them! 

quilted it to be reversible

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