Thursday, June 5, 2014

Quilting Goals for June

June means birthdays at our place. Four in one week to be exact. As soon as we celebrate one, we awaken to celebrate the next. 

Somehow, in between the festivities, 
I still managed to make some time for me & quilting!

Since my last quilt was very intense and I felt a lot of pressure to meet the goals I had set for myself... 
I was ready for a lighthearted happy quilt.

I just need to laugh out the stress & create!

So far, I have finished the sketch and made a color map.
I have most of the face fused in place awaiting applique (& a body)!

June Goals:
My goal is to attend my guild meeting next week & learn the next phase of our "dots" quilt.
to continue the transition of my drawing to a quilt!
because sometimes... you just need to take a break from the rulers & quilt to laugh!

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  1. Now, that is going to be a very interesting quilt! Can't wait to see it!