Thursday, June 19, 2014

Quiltcon Brain! & June's: A Lovely Year of Finishes

I have Quiltcon brain! It is leaving me little focus to think of much else!
Perhaps it is because the air conditioning here at home is on the fritz & it is HOT in Texas.
but far more likely,
because registration opens Tuesday and there are wayyyyy more workshops I would like to participate in than time would allow.

In case you are wondering... the printout of the online catalogue is over 40 pages! I had a great time at the very first one & my friend Trish & I started our countdown for the next- months ago!

Sooooo, as the workers sweated it out in the attic trying to remove the dead a/c so they can install the new one tomorrow... I visited EVERY website &/or blog of those folks teaching & lecturing! So much talent. (And so many are sooooo young--- quite impressive).

I have narrowed it down to 2 each day. Of course, that means committing to which of the 2 is really my "first choice".
And then there is the reality I can't do everything & need shopping and viewing time.
Decisions... decisions...

I think the Quiltcon folks are marketing geniuses! All MQG member registrations next week occur before IQA has even released their convention book.
Between FB postings and e-mails it is a media blitz.

And... ode to my Quiltcon brain, I designed & created my very first completely modern quilt.
I am calling it Cello & Keys.

As for my other projects... well... July awaits...

Are you planning to attend Quiltcon 2015? It sounds fantastical!

Blog Post Update on 6/24:
It is embarrassing the anxiety I built up choosing workshops & then finally successfully registering for Quiltcon.
I sat there with my laptop & table top computers side by side ready to enter info.
The registration site moved soooooo slow & it was obvious lots of other modern quilters had set their alarms & were signing up at the same time.
But... in the end... thank goodness it paid off.
Registration opened 10AM and by 10:30 when I checked back to add add an event- more than 1/2 the workshops were already wait listed!
And while I did miss out on two of my initial first choices on set days...
I am excited to have successfully registered for:
A Bias Strip Curves class with Sherri Lynn Wood
Strings of florid Blooms Mega Double Wedding Ring with Victoria Finlay Wolfe
& Off the Grid: Creating Alternate Layouts with Lee Heinrich

Let the further countdown to Quiltcon in February 2015 begin!

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