Thursday, July 24, 2014

July goals met... and teaching my niece to make a quilt!

July seems to have zoomed by in the heat and humidity of summer. Somehow... I managed to stay on track though.

I entered my "Frantic at 40" in to the IQA "Life begins at 40 exhibit".
I created a "star" themed block from fabric selvages and mailed it in to IQA for the Nasa Astronomical Quilts block challenge.

The Tyler Museum of Art exhibiting my quilt "At The Vantage Point" closed the exhibit it was part of this week. It was exciting to see it behind plexiglass the past 4 months!

I did spend some time going "dotty". (I think this quilt is starting to give me nightmares!)... But I am determined not to let it become a UFO! I have begun to pull further away from the pattern & am beginning to put my own "spin" on things.

I am proud to have met my goals for July... 
the best thing I did this month, 
that makes me gleeful & proud:

On a week long family visit-I taught my (just turned) 10 year old niece how to make her first quilt. 
We used the sewing machine I sent my Mom the Mother's day before last... it was nice to see it actually get used!

It was intense, and at times frustrating. 
We took lot's of breaks and only worked a few hours a day. But she was determined... and so was I. 
I gave her 2 packs of 5X5" charms as a reward for sewing on "the line' after a half hour or so on a paper towel 
& putting up with the "how to use a sewing machine" video on Craftsy. 
I wasn't sure we would ever get past her deciding what blocks should go where... but eventually... we were ready to start to sew. 
We sat hip to hip with me initially guiding her guiding the fabric... frequently repeating: "Slow down... not so much peddle pressure"! "Watch out for the pin"!
but soon she was like a biker balancing a bit wobbley without her training wheels- but ready to go. 
And by the last binding stitch- 
she knew how to thread the machine, wind a bobbin, and pin & piece quilt charms. 
She learned her grandmother actually owned an iron & ironing board! 
And she had no choice but to accept the fact that sometimes she had to use the seam ripper. (She really resented that one!)

Meet Kimberly & her first ever quilt:
And the final thing I taught her...
Always be proud & sign your quilt!