Thursday, July 3, 2014

Setting goals in the July Swelter

June was a great month for quilting!  I spent most of it creating a quilt that emphasized my take on my own life at the age of 40... & it became my own take- 
on living life as a member of the sandwich generation. 
None of us would choose to be members... it just happens. How we live it... now that is a whole other thing. 
If I could do it over... I would ABSOLUTELY do it differently! But we don't get that option. 
For me my forties were a living HELL!
I was sandwiched between my teenagers, who assured me I knew nothing... but needed me for everything!- And my live in MIL, who assured me I knew nothing- but needed me for absolutely everything! 
I was trapped in an endless cycle of frustration, exhaustion, and desperation. 
I spent more time driving through the car wash so I could scream at the top of my lungs than my already overused car required!
So here it is, finished just a few hours ago!
I am titling it:  Frantic at Forty!

Setting June Goals:

#1: to enter the quilt in IQA “Life Begins at 40!”exhibit

#2: The creation of a star block for Nasa Astronomical Quilts block challenge

#3: Making sure going dotty doesn't become a UFO!

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