Monday, August 25, 2014

Amid the August swelter....

I broke a needle the end of last month during some overly aggressive, exhausted, & stressed out quilting. 

After all my attempts to retrieve it, I had no choice but to give up and take it in to the shop.

After a 2 week road trip with my husband, I was finally able to retrieve it. 

Dissected, deep cleaned, new bobbin case, cutter & pile, and heaven knows what else their chicken scribble said... $276.02--- holy crap! 

My Babylock Elisimo better purr like a kitten from now on!

I continued piecing my dotty quilt. The blocks are all joined, and I am embellishing with a few more Dresden plates and circles before I make my sandwich. I am still jostling the embellishments and would love some feedback. I am pleased to have met my goal with all the added distractions.

Also, I completed a new name tag as part of a challenge for our new modern quilting group!


  1. WOW!! What a frustrating trip to the sewing machine doctor. I like your fancy additions to the circles. It needed something, in my humble opinion. When I am trying to get an idea of the overall effect, a photo helps get the distance. I am seeing more embellishments on the outer edges, maybe? Or some smaller solid color circles on top of the main circles? Can't wait to see your lovely finish.

  2. TY for feedback Jane. I have decided to leave it up on the design wall while finishing up some other projects. (none of them will have dots!)