Monday, September 1, 2014

Another UFO... for blessings & sanity's sake.

I love my pieced dotty quilt topper & pieced backing. All that remains to be completed is the actual quilting and a few additional embellishments. (How many of those do we all tend to let pile up.)
Most of the others in my guild send their toppers out to long arm quilters. But I would rather not. It is expensive & I figure it is MY quilt so I want to actually QUILT IT! So I keep my quilts to throw & home quiltable size.
I am thankful I have other projects that currently will require priority, so off to the UFO stack it goes. But only for a while.

So, on to my goals for this September:

My daughters best friend is expecting her first child and she will be my daughters God Child. 
So I have decided to create "a baby shower in a box".
Her nursery has a classical Winnie the Pooh Bear theme. 
So I headed to pinterest for ideas and google for fabric searches.
I was excited to actually find Pooh Bear fabric at Hobby Lobby. (Not my favorite place to buy fabric, but when I did a search on line for the fabrics it sent me there).

So, fabric in hand... I washed it & my batting in detergent from a bottle of baby dreft I found under the laundry room sink. My kids are now 23 & 21, so I would rather not think about its age. (It made suds... so I guess all's good).
I had never washed batting before, but I was worried about shrinkage since I was unsure of fabric quality & the extra lofty batting I bought there. 

Here it is... 4 yards of fabric ready & inviting.

I plan to make a quilt, some burp cloths and bibs... and whatever else I have fabric left for as my September goal. 
Hopefully I will even complete it all and ship it before she delivers. 
(At least there are no dots!) <3

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