Friday, August 14, 2015

Dining Room Renovation: Week 1

After a few weeks to get settled in to our new kitchen while they continued to "tweek" this & that, it was time for the dining room renovations to move forward.

I had packed up the dining room months ago when I packed up the kitchen and it had been waiting for attention ever since.

Monday was a day of "GLASS".

While a member of the crew prepped the dining room for the days activities ahead, 
2 others finally put glass fronts in my "double wedding ring" kitchen cabinets.

precut glass fronts were eventually glued in place!

Still awaiting glass shelves... 

Then they started with the window. 

We needed to maintain the original ranch style appearance of our house for our region, so we stayed with multi paned windows.

our original dining room window
as viewed from kitchen

the new window at the ready

view from dining room:
glass and frame free... 
if I could keep the bugs, dirt, & heat out--- I would keep it like this! 

our new window

They painted 6 samples on the walls that I stared at day & night.
My husband was very supportive & helped me choose. 
My son (who is home for a few weeks) insisted they were blue... all of them were blue and he saw no difference!

After days of debate... we made a final decision 
and then the painters got busy.

Sherman William 6811
"Honorable Blue"

Day 1 was spent spray painting the whites for wainscoting and borders.

(We will continue our kitchen gray & whites throughout the house)

They sprayed it in place & "bubbled it in"

commercial paint sprayer

They took off yesterday to let things dry some.
Today they returned for ceiling and walls

a memory of my samples that were... peeking through

They'll be back again in the morning for another coat... 

All paint is Sherman Williams. 
Trim & wainscoting are SW 7006 Extra White
The ceiling is SW 7070 Site White
The walls are SW 6811 Honorable Blue

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