Friday, August 28, 2015

Dining Room Renovation: Week 2 & 3

I missed a week of blogging...

Frustrating, really... because I have been so careful to keep up to date with posting our home renovations. 
They are so intense
It is my hope- that by blogging, I will not only always recall where I've been, but all it took to get here. 
Also, to perhaps prepare another for what lies ahead in a major remodel.

I last blogged 2 weeks ago about PAINT & Week 1 in the dining room remodel... 
or as our daughter eventually called it...
The Tardis of Dining.

Dining Room Renovation Week 2 was All about What Lies Beneath.

The floors were completely stripped of previous flooring 
and the wood slats prepared for installation

Over a period of 3 days,
 the boards are individually adhered in place 
and weighted down with cement buckets whilst the dry.

**separators were placed at wall seams to allow space for expansion

Dining Room Renovation: Week 3 was about touch ups

3 weeks later:
And the dining room is now (mostly) updated!

New windows, floors, & paint!

I was in Florida this past week visiting family.

Over a one week visit we shared exploring a few quilt shops...

 dinner theatre

My baby sister hospitalized 3 days for an emergency procedure

After 3 days she was discharged and all is good now 

When I returned last night, 
much of our son's music & instruments had been removed from the front room 
it is once again accessible and ready for further unpacking.

The dining room furniture is back in place, and as I continue to unpack, I am sure it will begin to look more & more like home.

All paint is Sherman Williams. 

Trim & wainscoting are SW 7006 Extra White
The ceiling is SW 7070 Site White
The walls are SW 6811 Honorable Blue

Acacia Wood Flooring

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