Friday, June 24, 2016

Crumbs, Improv, & A RING!!!!

Preparations for family visits keep me busy. In between power cleans... I sneak in sewing as often as I can.

I have continued making crumbs.
I love how utterly mindless it is once I choose my color and grab scraps from the jar.
I love the ability to just sew haphazardly & improvise at whim.
building blue crumbs

growing to 6 inches 

After 2 weeks, my crumb collection is starting to look quite "palatable"!

Eventually, I hope to have enough crumbs for a full palette 

I also spent time improvising some modern scrap blocks to create some samples for a workshop.

In preparation for our modern quilt guild meeting 
I designed a few sample blocks.

This week we had our monthly modern quilt guild meeting and had a 30 minute workshop found within the pages of the book "Essential Guide to Modern Quilt Making" by Lucky Spool. 
We each brought bags of fabric scraps from 🏡 home! 

We tossed them on the table. Mixed the mound, and I filled paper sacks with scraps and redistributed to participants.

This design workshop of improvisational patchwork as described in the book by Denyse Schmidt, allowed Tricia to lead us in a team building- block building thirty minute sew-for-all. 

Fabric scraps tucked in a sac... pulled unseen & unexpected... and sewn together just like that. 
For some of us it was relaxing and fun.
But for some it was stressful not to choose- mix & match, exact cut, press seams, and the list goes on & on...

BUT.... THIRTY MINUTES LATER... All who remained for the workshop part of meeting were productive and we had an improvised 30 minute frenzy of fun.

30 minutes to sew...

The Tyler Modern Quilt Guild

BUT- The biggest news of the day...
of the week...
of the YEAR...

My son got ENGAGED!

My son asked Caitlin Bennet to spend the rest of her life with him and she said YES!

Congrats Caitlin & Mason!

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