Thursday, July 20, 2017

...For the love of Silky & Honey

It has been 2 months since "THE WEDDING". 
We survived- celebrated- and the photographs await scrap booking.
When I nagged my son once again about the thank you cards- he actually told me "our pen ran out of ink". 
An apartment of 5 residents shares only one pen & it is now out of ink... seriously?

Anyway... I concluded- I can not control everything, but there are things I can take on. 

Ready emotionally or not, it is long overdue. 
Years have passed, and now he is happily married. So it is time to reclaim his bedroom and turn it in to a guest room. 
He and his WIFE will visit eventually & bunk beds just won't cut it.

So I finally took a deep breathe and decided to stop procrastinating.

A room full of a lifetime of memories, laughter, tantrums & love. 
A room he so easily left behind- perhaps without so much of a second thought-
now bringing me to tears.. as I am full of thought.
A shrine you might say to my little guy.. minus the mess on the floor it always had when he lived 🏡 home!

So where does one begin to pack up the childhood of all those "had to have its"... 
Those things taken on by a younger child as MINE MINE MINE- and so easily discarded by an older son. 
Disney toys once actively involved in sibling play. They took him to Infinity & Beyond!
Leagues of Lego's & Action Figures- replaced by Gameboys & WW11... both Later further replaced by MACs & XBOX.
Hours and hours spent with Pokemon Cards & Comic Books- ALL later replaced by Internet reads & text messages. 
Every nook and cranny reveals a forgotten treasure... an abandoned "MINE MINE MINE"

Well- WTH do I do with all this collectible stuff NOW???

When my son was 8, we visited Japan. His bear "Honey" and a small bit of soft flannel cloth known as "Silky" were left behind. I cannot remember a day from the time he started crawling he was not dragging them along. 
The world could have come to an end that day. 
He was inconsolable... and it was MY FAULT they had been left behind when we switched cities. (Everything is ALWAYS the mothers fault after all).
Amazingly, Honey & Silky were rescued by hotel staff and shipped to us first class. I shudder to think of the cost of their travels- they HAD TO BE RESCUED & language barriers allowed us the option not to ask.

And now... 16 years later... I found them buried in a corner... beneath a papermache top hat. Poor Honey... 

I am packing up so much that I doubt will ever be looked at again. I know the cast of "The Big Bang Theory" would kill for those comics and Pokemon cards. The fully built Lego models... the action figures and All Things Star Wars.

Of course I will cherish & safely pack away Honey and Silky forever, but what of all the rest. After the "must saves".
I honestly don't know WTH one does with it. The collectibles, the books, the hoarded saves. 

So... for now at least... time for a break (& to stall a bit more).

Heaven help the next person 
who unsuspectingly opens his closet!

 an update:


It took 4 coats of bright yellow paint to cover 
the blue walls & repair patches

 It is amazing how much you can order on line... 
and get delivered to the door shipped free!

 After all the furnishings were assembled... 
the big decisions of which quilts to hang dominated...

 I've spent endless hours snuggled on this loveseat 
reading with our kids... 
now it is ready for overnight guests


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