Friday, April 28, 2017

A game of TETRIS- balanced by family emotions

Ever wonder if it possible to spend every moment of the day planning a wedding- while also achieving IDGAWF status??? YEAH... it is!
Every month- 
Every week- 
Every day of the wedding count down- 
brings with it- a new set of tasks that must be completed. 
Among the worst most recently:

The seating Chart... it's like being forced to play 
a game 
by family 

names on post-its for table settings

By the time the seating chart was completed... and then adjusted 3 more times for late RSVPs- I knew I better find a craft or risk  slitting my wrists with a post-it!

I wanted to make my future daughter-in-law one of those fancy $30 hangers for her wedding gown. 
I printed out a "template" from pinterest, used the wire supplies I already had, some wooden spoons to help shape curves, & painters tape for a straight line.
My only investment was $2.49 for the wire.

Pinterest has many examples of wedding hangers & how-to's

I used 12 gauge wire and bent it with needle nose pliers in to letter shapes... trying to keep within the boundaries of the painters tape to keep things lined up.
We drilled a hole on both sides of the hanger to attach the wire.

I tried our name a few different times... this was the best...
so it will have to do...

I know it doesn't look as snazzy as a $30 ETSY one... but it's made with love... 
Hopefully they will like it...

Couples Wedding Shower 
April 2017

And now... a bit of a rant...

The unofficial stages of Planning my son's wedding... 

The first stage of the wedding drama is "denial". Of course all the planning will be stress free... & everyone- everyone will work together to create the perfect drama free celebration. 

The next stage is "frustration" & eventually "ANGER". I am happy their wedding date is growing nearer... but the shit is really starting to hit the fan. What happened to the A-team? 
And why do our dearest friends and family members find it so hard to return a self-addressed- stamped RSVP envelope.

The third stage is "bargaining". The budget is long since forgotten & I have abandoned all hope of assist from the A team...
The goal now is to find a deal... any deal- any where- of any kind to help remember what a sense of acceptable budget & positive feedback & accomplishment is.

Stage 4 of wedding planning is "depression"... It's the reality that wedding planning is NOTHING like the weddings on pinterest or planning his Bar Mitzvah... & for whatever the hell the reason- things are as they are... No matter what I do... I can't make all things work together.

The last stage is "acceptance". Acceptance, I have given them and this wedding ALL I HAVE TO GIVE... and while it may not be my idea of perfect... hopefully, it will be theirs.
Please oh please- let it be his...


a few Pics a week later of previous projects:

Our flower girl looks out at Boston
May 7, 2017
Boston, Mass.

Welcome bags created, stuffed & delivered

Bridal gown hanging on hanger awaiting dressing

The ribbon wands I made were distributed at the door by the triplets 
& waved at the newlyweds during their recession

Mazel Tov!

"Your Song" 

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