Thursday, August 16, 2018

My Bluebonnet Patch Jelly-roll Rug

Today I finally finished my Jelly roll rug!!! 

I cannot recall the last time I finished a big project (without looking back on this blog!!!)
Since I don’t drive or get about much these days, I was quite late to jump on the jelly roll rug band wagon…
I don’t remember if I stumbled on it on pinterest or FB the first time, but like just about everyone else, I fell in love with Roma Lambson's Jelly Roll Rug pattern (from RJ Designs). 

I finally ordered my supplies on line and was ready to give it a try. But nothing in my life is simple these days… And what started out as a jump on the jelly-roll rug bandwagon came to an abrupt halt. 
A family tragedy would relocate me out of town for 5 weeks. After my return, it would be weeks before I would have the motivation to do much of anything…

Roma Lambson's pattern is excellent! And it seems everyone on youtube & Pinterest was ready to cheer me on and offered up videos of their tips, screwups, and encouragements. So TY to all of the cheerleaders out there- 
My turn to pay it forward.

To make this rug, obviously you need a jelly roll. Since I haven't the patience to cut strips of my overstocked stash that I may need for "something someday"...
I purchased: Moda's Bluebonnet Patch 
You can also use your own left over batting and merge select strips... ummm, yeah- that wasn't happening.
Bosal Katahdin sells a precut 2 1/2" batting to make this more doable & I bought 2 rolls... 
I pretty much left the strip arrangement as is since Moda did a great job of making it flow. But- I wanted a navy border, so I did pull those fabrics to the beginning of my strips... 

The pattern said to make long fanfolds to tame the long strip… but then "THE CALL". 
I knew I was about to leave town, so I wrapped mine around a piece of cardboard and sadly it stayed like that for a hellish 2 months… 

Eventually... I started to stare at everyones postings again and reentered my sewing room and decided to give it another go...

"Roping" takes longer than any other part of this and I honestly wondered why on earth I was not just buying a rug at Target...

I followed all the pattern instructions... except for rationally clipping... I used every clip I owned on that first color strip to get started!!! My Purple Thang had no wheres to go!
But eventually I relaxed and clipped further and 
further apart.

& by the time you create that basketball sized ball of fabric rope it is such a sense of accomplishment- you can't wait to start making your rug.

My biggest problem was skipped stitches. 
I changed my needle 3 times. I could literally hear them getting dull!
I took apart and cleaned out threads & batting fluff from my machine. 
I switched between my straight, open, overlock, & walking feet. I played with different threads & adjusted my tensions... 
Each day I did a few more rows & starched & pressed the hell out of them for a week or "sew".

In the end, I concluded: for my 7 year old Babylock Elisimo- my walking foot was best joining the roping to complete the rug. 
I wasn't going to sweat a slipped stitch here and there- it's a rug, not an heirloom quilt!

Actually- I look forward to making my next one!

and finally:

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