Monday, August 27, 2018

Texas Two Step with a Jelly Roll

Today I completed my second Jelly Roll Rug... & I've learned a lot. My first rug was a challenge not only to understand the technique, but also because my Babylock refused to cooperate. (It kept skipping stitches and drove me crazy!)

Before I started this next rug, I cleaned out every speck of lint and fluff. But it still didn't matter. For whatever reason, my Babylock Elisimo hates this rug and it still skipped stitches!!! I tossed and turned overnight and contemplated if it was time for another tuneup at my shop--- (they take weeks & these Texas rugs are for my kids). 

Then I decided to see if things went differently with another machine. I unpacked my Bernina "workshop" machine" & it was a VERY DIFFERENT EXPERIENCE. This rug seemed to WANT to be created and DID NOT SKIP STITCHES with the walking foot. Once I got past the first few twists, the rows started joining very easily and I found it to be rather relaxing. The only time my stitching went off, was when I would take my eyes off the needle & glance at the rug to admire my stitch work! 
But, I'm jumping ahead...

I used all the same supplies:
Roma Lambson's pattern, Moda's Bluebonnet Patch 
Jelly Roll, Bosal Katahdin precut batting, 
Auriful 50 thread & a jeans needle.

Since I knew exactly what I was doing this time 
everything moved very quickly. I chain pieced the strips. 
Cut seams & ironed them open to make the endless strip. 

I added the batting, triple folded it in and straight stitched in place using the walking foot. I continued carefully rolling in to a ball as needed. 
I didn't rush... all was relaxed.
Eventually my beautiful ball was ready for... 
Then I realized I screwed up!!!

SO, Here is what I learned:
I do know the technique to make the rug. 
it is important to glance at the pattern for reminders! (Especially for me!)
I forgot that the outside of rug needed to be the first part of the strip to be prepped, sewn, & rolled...
far more important: 
that is where the tapering needed to be!

That meant that by the time I finished my rug- I would not have a nice edge :( ...
Alas- I did not figure that out until my final 6 inches of rounding...

So there you have it- 

My "rope" atop my first rug that I promised to mail out to my daughter:  

The disaster of skipped stitches caused by my babylock... and my attempting to resew over the rows repeatedly
I would eventually give up- 
& put my seam ripper to the challenge 

 I put my Bernina 350 in to the sewing table space
 normally housing my Babylock.
Not having a large flat surface became an issue later,
 since this rug is definitely not as flat as the first... 
but hopefully the starch took care of it.

Bernina 350: RickyTims Special Edition
Zig Zag Stitch 2: with walking foot at 5.5 width at 3 length

Rugs ready to ship for 
my daughter & my daughter-in-love

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