Wednesday, February 25, 2015

My Selvaged Heart

A most uncommon event...
a snow day in East Texas 
allowed for a major sew day!

I tried to clean house and other chores... 
but then I looked out the window and saw this doe looking back, playing in the falling snow.

so I decided... school's out for the snow day... 
why not take one for myself?

This is the view from my sewing room window.

I know for the East Coasters trapped beneath several feet of snow it is laughable. 
But here in East Texas... it is very uncommon and everything has come to a sudden freeze. 
Schools, business, mail delivery... all emergency shut down for safety on this snowy day. 
We have no snow plows, or de-icers or street cleaners.
Most have minimal experience driving in snow or on ice.

What we do have, are very excited children acting out scenes from the movie Frozen...

and a Sew day for me :D

My modern quilting group challenged each other to a Valentine's project. 
Tomorrow is our February scheduled gathering. 
I had all but forgotten about it with all of my Quiltcon preparations.

 Here it is: 

Once I had a plan, 
I started sorting some selvages to create a "color wheel"

 Next, I drew an undefined outline for a "color wheel" with a heart in its center on scrap fabric.

Followed by sewing on fabric bits & selvages to create a color wheel type of background for a center heart. 
It was mindless & stress releasing. 
It was like creating a mosaic.

And then...

It headed for the "forgotten project pile" as I focused on Quiltcon preparations.

But I dug it out today 

and finally

quilted & bound it:

My Selvaged Heart

And since it is still snowing... 
maybe I'll go outside now... and play

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