Monday, March 2, 2015

A Quilter's March

They say that March roars in like a lion 
and out like a lamb... here's hoping!

I am eager for the inspiration of springs color's and warmth.
The inspiration of a flowers bloom and a
birds song welcoming spring.
Of trees filled in with leaves, magnolias ready to bloom, fruit awaiting to ripen. 
And grass that is green.

But this week... 
I would happily settle for a sky that is blue, 
a sun that shines, and dirty snow melted. 
In another words... 
Goodbye drab winter color blahs... 
Bring on spring's brights!

So, Goal setting for the month of March:


It is time for The Quilters' Guild of East Texas 
34th Annual Tyler Quilt Show:
"Color your World with Quilts"
Mar 20 to Mar 21
I am media publicity chair, so my most important goal is to help make the show a success. 
I need to renew those media contacts... 
and promote our show

My second quilting goal:

Creation of a few more blocks 
followed by the piecing of my 
"Off the Grid" Selvage quilt.

These are the blocks I created for my Lee Heinrich Quiltcon workshop. (It was fantastic!)

Hopefully my next writing will be posted 
after a successful quilt show, 
a fully pieced modern topper, 
the melting away of this winters chill!

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