Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Still seeking comfort beneath my quilt…

For the past year I’ve been embroiled & stressed dealing with publicity for my guild’s 34th annual quilt show. What is the big deal you are wondering… after 34 years things should run quite smoothly? 

Oh, how I wish it were that easy. This year, it became more than just on line info entries, guild mailings, setting up interviews and handing out posters & postcards.
I found myself “the chosen ear of reason”- often a sounding board before “the next stitch”.
Inner guild tensions grew & added to the stress regularly. There was ALWAY's someone to complain none of it was being done right. :(
This years show seemed to bring with it far more stressors and chaos than any I can previously recall. 

For weeks leading up to this past week:  I have dreaded the phone calls, the texts, the emails, & the messages. 
(Honestly, I stopped caring who did what to whom way back in high school. I am one of the youngest members of our guild… but at times I feel like an elder.)

So why do it you wonder? I have certainly asked myself that question enough times the past several months to fill a blog! But- the answers are always the same.

It’s something to bring our guild members together. 

We cross the generations of experience, skills, and interests. 
We have hand quilters, machine piecers, and folks who do their own quilting start to finish on home machines. 
We have members who still insist on stamped mailing, though most have moved on to e-mail. I created a Facebook page that perhaps 20% have joined… but I figure it has to start somewhere.

The show brings us together. 
The civil warriors, 
thirties hat boxers, 
batik beauties, 
bold bright's, 
and everythings in-between that create those magnificent quilts for display.

Realistically, as with all such endeavors- some members end up doing most of the work... 
And some shows go off more smoothly than others. (Alas, this was not one of those).
I hope our show raised money the guild can use for workshops, speakers, and other endeavors. 
Our raffle proceeds always go to a local charity. This years also gave us a chance to have small exhibits like the Hoffman Challenge & our first “modern” area. 

But mostly, our show allows local quilters to strut their stuff and maybe win a ribbon or two. 
It is that well earned pat on the back & acknowledgment: that our work matters and can inspire others... (Even if it caused more than a few meals to be tardy and more than a few grumbles from occasionally neglected family members.)
It serves as a reminder that it is inspiring to be a quilter. 
A reminder there is magic in rescuing a project from the forgotten WIP pile. 
A reminder that all of us have it with in us to be proud of our art & share it with others who will appreciate it.

off my soapbox...

My goal for the month of March was to finish the quilt sleeves and one final binding on my show quilts and survive the show. 

Proudly--- I did both 
earned 3 ribbons along the way!

My quilt: Cello & Keys

2nd place applique quilts:
My quilt: At the Vantage Point

3rd place applique quilts:
My quilt: Frantic at 40

3rd place pieced quilts:
My quilt: Umbrella's in the Sand


  1. Congrats on making your goal. Your quilts are fabulous. You deserve those ribbons!

    1. TY. I wrote the above while "trapped"- awaiting a much delayed airplane at the airport just after shows closure. Sorry to have vented so much :(