Friday, June 12, 2015


This week has been renovation central: full steam ahead!

It has felt like a railway station with the number of people coming and going, and waiting on each other at times.

But the commotion has been worth it. It is so exciting to see all my planning and dreaming finally falling in to place. 

In quilting terms, the kitchen feels like it is: 
Finally off my design wall… 
Out of “the U.F.O.” pile… 
Nearly fully pieced…

Too much quilt lingo? Sew sorry… 

They finished up painting on Monday. (They will do final touchups after all the other work is complete to deal with scuffs & stuff.)

All paint is Sherman Williams. 
Trim, Door & Cabinets are SW 7006 Extra White
The ceiling is SW 7070 Site White
The walls are SW 7071 Gray Screen

The majority of the week was spent on flooring. 

The first step is called “FLOATING”. 
(I had visions of a Harry Potter wizardry class!)

They layer the floor surface a few times to make all of it completely level without distortion. 
(The kind created earlier in the project when they dug out gas lines & by the removal of the wall by the mud room.)

Also, to fill in the spaces between the bricks on our current floor & distortion created by the totally different surface previously in the mudroom).

Bricks before "Floating process"

Bricks after "Floating"

It changes color as it dries… and next day… they did it again.

I LOVE the floor I chose! 

Acacia Hardwood by Bella Cera Floors

Each ACACIA wood plank is unique and the floors design is created as they install one plank at a time… ever careful not to put too much of any one tone in the same place.

It was described by one member of team flooring as one of the more complex he had installed. 

Each plank has its own character and its variations require planning.

They do a small section of planks at a time. 

Next they put on some painters tape and buckets full of cement to add some weight for setting.

They also apply some sort of "spacer" near cabinetry for "expansion"?

They set up a cutting station since so many planks need specifics when they near walls, cabinets, & steps.

To me, it is magical watching its “batik” design explode into a mosiac of golden browns. 

The colors, brightness, & their darkness all seem to change throughout the day- depending on the lighting in the room.

It has taken 5 days, and I truly consider it a pieced work of art. 

(Nearly all of it is finished. The floor will continue throughout the house later in the renovation).

The electrician will be here most of Saturday- while team flooring hopes to finish down below. 
The appliances arrive Tuesday & Granite on Wednesday, so they are still playing catch up.

On Thursday evening my Modern Quilt Group celebrated its 1 year anniversary with a dinner. 

A few of the members of The Tyler Modern Quilters Group

It has been great getting to know a group of ladies sharing similar interests…  each of us brings something unique to the table.

We are as different in quilting as we are in our day to day lives. 

But we are all passionate about our craft- 
and it brings us all together in a most supportive way. 

I have not found this encouragement and enthusiastic support and sharing of knowledge through any other group or organization I am a member of.

On Friday I took a workshop with Trish Stewart. 
She is a real sweetheart. 
I am sure we all could have learned a bit more if we chatted a bit less… 
but we were so busy laughing and having fun, none of us really cared… 

it was suppose to be the workshop “COLOR” on fabrics. 

We played with foil, with dye, with paint, with crayons & with markers… a fabric decorating frenzy so to speak…

(Then there is the stuff I came home with on my shirt… I suppose also counting as fabric?) 

I actually painted the top one! And lower is "foiled"!

Until next week,

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