Saturday, June 6, 2015

Crayon Quilts, Birthdays & The kitchen Renovation: WEEK 9

Fully pieced, I finally began to quilt my guilds "Crayon Box Challenge".  We were each given 3 crayons and have to create a project with it by our next meeting. I am determined to get mine finished ASAP so I can start to play with the upholstery fabric that arrived yesterday! 

crayon box challenge: tangerine, lime, & black with white

On Monday the paint crew began spray priming the cabinetry. 

doors & drawers

Absolutely everything is covered in plastics and papers. Next, the kitchen was placed in a bubble on every angle & it was the end of my having any access to parking in the garage or sneaking in to the kitchen without going outside through the front door and walking all the way around to the back. Thankfully, we have finally had a break in the rain and flooding here in Texas. (I can only hope it lasts!)

The toxic fumes air out each night & I can sneak a peek inside

paper covered floors, plastic coverings on windows & every crack!

On Tuesday, the contractor from the granite shop finally made it here to measure the specifics for cutting our granite counters. I have been promised if they screw it up- they are responsible. We agreed on an OGEE shaped cut. 
(Something else I went back and forth on at an absurd obsessive level)

After a weeks delays the contractor measured for final slab layout

Both my son & I celebrated birthdays this week... A bunch of friends surprised me with 🍷🍴 dinner that evening!

old friends

The priming continued through Wednesday, while I continued to obsess and worry about choosing JUST THE RIGHT WHITE paint.

In case you were wondering... Sherman Williams has 111 paints they consider to be white.

Then we moved on to all their grays. It was truly shocking to me how stressed out I let the paint selection get me and wondered if I would end up bouncing off the freshly painted walls!

Once I chose my favorites from the teeny tiny swatch cards they painted some samples for me on the walls. That is how I truly could see that Sherman Williams ideas of white and gray were quite different from mine.

 swatch central

Eventually, I made my choice and am relieved to say, I am very happy with it.

Thursday- the actual cabinet painting & trim with SW EXTRA WHITE 7006 began.

Eventually they will move on to the gray walls and ceiling.
I chose SW 7070 SITE WHITE & SW 7071 GRAY SCREEN

corner sample painted with final selections

Friday morning the folks from the shop providing our flooring and installation visited to assess the need of the wood "floating". There are dug out dips, and transition between brick and previous linoleum.

That said, everything is covered... so he peeked about, checked out the floor attached in dining room beyond "the bubble' and said they plan to start Wednesday. 

I find myself quite confused by the order things are worked on. But am relieved things are moving forward more aggressively. I am going crazy without a kitchen!

Later in the day we "face timed" with the granite folks for layouts of counter cuts... It was so bizarre to me. She walked about with her Face Time connection showing us her ideas of how best to cut our stones while her assistant marked things with masking tape and measuring stuff. Eventually we made a few moves to allow for granite design flow from connections... and then

a new use for FaceTime

Then I was left with the reality of how much granite we have left over. So now I am back on pinterest searching for projects. We will have several smaller pieces... and 1 very large- table sized from half a slab!!!

final email for some of the counter layouts

desk cutouts for back splash and desktop revealing the huge remaining granite slab leftover!

They returned Saturday to spray the ceiling determined to play catchup...

I am beginning to see an end in site!

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  1. Love the crayon challenge. Our guild did that once. Your kitchen is going to be beautiful!