Friday, June 26, 2015

Kitchen Renovation: Week 12

We're nearly there! The contractors are here sunrise and often past sunset, determined to not let the delays continue. 
Each day brings with it another task checked off the end of the list! 

On Saturday morning, the back splash subway tiles were installed. After a few hours, the bare space between my counters and cabinets took on a patterned background.

Interceramic Glazed Ceramic 
White Wall Subway Tiles

On Monday, they would return to add the grouting sealant between the tiles.

Bright White Custom Grout

The grout covers all the tiling 
and then they wipe it down, 
so it remains only in the seams between the tiles

Beginning of week 12

The electricians were here a good part of the day as well. 

The plumbers also came & went. 

In the middle of it all, I viewed my "fandelier" for the first time. 
I was very upset... it was way too big for the table & I panicked. 
It broke every designers rule and was only 5 inches smaller than the sides of the table.

Savoy House Etesian fandelier...  36" width! 
So much bigger in person than pictures.

I cannot tell you why I was so stressed about this... only to add it on to the list of things I overreacted to...
& went running to pinterest for advice on...
and then did what I wanted to anyways.

The men insisted it was fine... and in the end, we threw the decorating 101 rules of over dining table fixtures needing to be 1/2-2/3 table width out with the fixtures box. 

It was absolutely too big in the box resting on the floor.

But hung above... eh... (I'll give in to the guys on this one)---just a really cool and unique fan! 
They will install it next week.

Each time the electrician & or plumbers were here the appliances had to be moved... no easy task!

Still to be assembled the wolf still clings to its dollies
(too heavy for only one!)

Plumbers, Electricians, & Gas... oh my!

Currently, we have water!

Old dishwasher reinstalled...
Granite farmhouse sink receives its first drink

Hubby plays with jazzy new Delta Faucet with Touch2O Technology


Our sink appears to have a mind all its own and they haven't quite figured out its spontaneous starts and stops yet... 
(As displayed on this video tour of the kitchen when the first spontaneous "waterfall" occurs.

A kitchen tour... concluding with faucets flow

The lighting overhead and under cabinets flutter and buzz and the hope is when all have the same light units, bulbs, and switches it will cease.

The fridge, stove, and all the rest of the appliances still need to be hooked up... but all are in place!

Subzero Pro 48 awaiting "dressing"

Sub-zero 18" Wine Panel & Sub-Zero PRO 48 with Glass Door

Wolf 30" Convection Steam Oven & Warmer Drawer

Wolf 60" Duel Fuel Range top with burner & griddle

On Wednesday they sent in a cleaning crew to tackle the construction casualties before they could apply paint touch ups on Thursday.

It was the very first time I could see the floor & the counters and cabinets and appliances all at the same time- with only plastic covering the counters and a few appliances. 

These ladies were fantastic.
I kept hoping the sink would not turn itself on while she was inside it though!

Nelson has been tweaking all sorts of things for me using the assortment of kitchen organizers we overbought on our trip to Dallas. 

Our garage continues to look like a carpenters workshop

idea for utensil storage in "spice cabinet"


We picked up a rack for wine glass suspension

The old microwave fits perfectly in place 
 with coffee center to be created in the middle- 
all enclosed in the cabinet above the ice machine

panoramic fun of progress

oven doors & red knobs finally attached to my Wolf (with hubby)

Today the new table and chairs arrived! 

Furnishings by Bassett Furniture
Colors not reflecting well... table top and counter stools are gray

I adore this fabric... 
not so sure I will use it as a desk chair?

The space we are creating is so beyond my wildest dreams and while I am desperate for it to be over... I am loving the results!

Things will continue to be modified and tweaked... 
Some things (like glass cabinet doors and shelves- yet to arrive).
We have to deal with a problem with water flowing over the granite split sink... etc


We should have a usable kitchen next week!

lights fixed below cabinets glistening on to the granite

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