Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Dying in the Texas Heat...

Yesterday, I participated in my first shibori fabric dying workshop- taught by Tana Cook Doss.

Now, I am not sure any of us would EVER sign on for a day dipping and dying in the summer heat again... but in the cooler weather--- SIGN ME UP!

First, we manipulated our PFD Kona fat quarters with folds, tucks, wraps, clips, and anything else we might think of to create a variation in the dye.

Then we braved the sweltering summer heat- and stepped outside to let the dying process begin. 

Are we sexy or what?

We took turns NOT INHALING the toxic fumes mixing the dyes... 
and finally allowing the fabrics to soak for an hour or so.

I wish they could have soaked longer for richer colors... but it was a one day workshop... and any longer would have meant no wash out and shared reveals!

After I returned home,  I needed to once again rinse, wash in hot water with a color catcher by machine, and then dry.

These are my results!


for this effect, I carefully created triangle folds and placed the fq tightly between 2 pieces of glass held together with rubber bands 

This fq was created with a fan fold and clothes pin seals

This fq was created with a fan fold, folded over, and wedged between 2 large glass plates 

This fq was created with a twist and roll secured with rubber bands

Thanks to AnnieMcHugs for hosting & for posting the workshop pics


  1. Love it! Yours are spectacular. Ummm, was H.O.T.!

  2. Yours are beutiful! We will just have to sew inside until the cooler weather comes our way!