Friday, July 3, 2015

Kitchen Renovation: Week 13: The Finale'

Our final week of intensive kitchen renovation had finally arrived! 
As excited as I was about the renovation, 
as grateful as I am to have this opportunity...
And- as much as I loved the new kitchen... 
I was desperate for calm & quiet!

The electrician was here Saturday from 8AM- 6:30PM! 
And by days end… after much determination- we had lighting 
& most importantly:
a usable kitchen… almost.
(Now we just needed to buy stuff to eat and find what was packed away to cook it in.

The electrician installed the Fandelier!

We spent all day Sunday unpacking and organizing drawers and cabinets. 

It took me months to pack up the kitchen. Stuff has sat in boxes and bags even more months… so I don’t know why I thought we could tackle it all in one day! Ha…

organizing, planning, unpacking


That night we cooked our very first meal in “the kitchen”.
The plan was to keep it simple.

Eventually, (after much searching)- I unpacked a baking dish and we were able to make macaroni and cheese in the new convection steamer oven.

We tried out the stoves grill making burgers… it is perfect for cold and rainy days… tasted just like we had grilled it outdoors.

Our first meal

Convection-steamer oven baking fresh mac & cheese

My hubby at the grill

Monday morning we got up early & decided to start the day with pancakes on the stoves griddle. yum :)

chocolate chip pancakes!

After he headed off to work, I resumed my unpacking and spent most of day cleaning, sorting, & organizing.

Tuesday, among other things was the final city electric inspection. WE PASSED! All's good!

There are still some things lagging behind… BUT- the kitchen was now ready to share!

The decorator stopped by from Bassett and we discussed ordering rugs, cushions for window seating, and had fun showing things off.

Antique welsh cabinet beside new table

Wednesday was the calmest since the construction began. 
I organized my baking areas and welsh cabinet. It was a very relaxing day and I felt like “Suzy Homemaker”.

Then came Thursday…

Loving my kitchen and finally calm enough to relax, I slept in 
and wandered to the kitchen a bit past 8AM in my bathrobe for a cup of coffee… 


discovered a room of men. 
They had not been here all week & I thought they had mostly moved on. 
(So… I guess I shall resume being fully dressed before heading to the front of the house a while longer)

They were there to tweek lights.Try & figure out why our faucet turns itself on…but, eventually they gave up & plan to call in the plumber who installed it.

lighting above desk

lighting for "glass cabinets"

Midday, I got visitors! My niece stopped by to see the kitchen. 
So much shine... so much new to share.

So much still empty... awaiting storage

& then-
we had an explorer

Marriah, Age 4, found every empty drawer & cabinet she could fit in!



Now outside, 
that’s where the days real activity was.

We have lovely property. 
But, Texas has had a rough time this year with storms. The floods, hail, wind... it has been worse than I ever remember.  

Near the pool we have a lovely arbor. 
It had a rough winter & we asked them to check on it, figuring it had some damage, perhaps from hail.

TERMITES!!! nuff said… (to be continued)

They created supports to prop up arbor until it could be torn down and replaced


Today meant more cleaning 
& organizing.
 We also drove up to a local vineyard for some wine tastings 
and to start stocking the new fridge.

This will be my last day to day- 
week to week post of the “kitchen remodel".

TY for sticking it out with me while I journaled it start to finish...

We are awaiting glass shelves & cabinet doors, a few more lights and the faucet still needs a fix. 
But the majority of the renovations are behind us and it is time to move on to the next space. 

Stay tuned for next renovation:
The dining room! 

A look back:

Week 1: demolition

Week 2: mudroom wall removal

Week 3: the empty space echo

Week 4: plaster by men on stilts & ladders

Week 5: cabinet delivery

beginning installation

Week 6: Time for paint

Week 7: new wood floors

Week 10: walls & woodwork paint

Week 11: the granite arrives

the prep

the granite install and artistry

                                                                     Week 12: subway tile


Week 12: We've got water!

Week 12: the furnishings arrive

Week 13

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