Friday, July 31, 2015

Speeding across quilt shops on the East Coast

 I have just returned from a week long- whirl wind drive across some of the prettiest sights on the East Coast.

My husband loves his car- and we joined up with other enthusiasts for a 5 day group touring adventure. 

Fully prepaid & organizer planned- 
they surprise you with each days itinerary & planned activities after arrival!

Along the way, we were able to make a few stops for me to visit quilt shops and pick up some row-by-row quilt experience!

They make it so easy to find the shops through the state by state shopping guide I accessed on my i-phone.
Hopefully, I will use them in a quilt to celebrate our adventure!

Our first quilt store was One Stitch, Two Stitch in Littleton, New Hampshire. It was a lovely shop & I loved meeting the ladies that morning!

We only had one half of an unplanned free day and my DH actually drove a full hour out of our way to get me to Keepsake Quilting! 
I have shopped the catalogue & website for years! 

I am not sure I have ever had to race through a quilt store so rapidly... but the important thing was we made it to Central Harbor, New Hampshire

Alas... in spite of our best attempts... and the store telling us their closing time when I called to confirm location- I was not so lucky at the next stop... 
(Perhaps they had an emergency? We arrived just after 4PM, they said they would be there until 4:30PM)

Disappointed... it was time to join the rest of our group... so no row from Maine.  :(

The next day our group drove stunning roads to climb Mt Washington in New Hampshire!

The views were breathe taking!

Day after, we hit the road again. 
Our days drive landed us in Stowe, Vermont. 
That is where the Van Trappe family landed when they sought out the Sound of Music with Ben & Jerry!

After some group driving- we had an hour on our own before dinner.

We made a determined dash to town and visited the Stowe Fabric & Yarn Shoppe.

It was a wonderful adventure. 
And while I wish there had been time for more quilt shoppes a long the way... it was fun to make it to the ones we did!

We flew back home last night- exhausted... 

So... as far as my goal setting for 
August 2015: Lovely Year of Finishes... 

my goal is to get unpacked... 
and get started on some Rows!!!


  1. What a fun adventure and quilt shop hopping as a bonus!! I don't think it gets any better than that. I love that your husband was such a willing participant. Love it when mine joins me :)

  2. I've been to Keepsake Quilting and it would be pretty difficult to race through THAT store! Sounds like a lovely trip, albeit a quick one.