Friday, September 4, 2015

A renovation week for Cabinetry

Week 4 of dining room renovations came to a productive close! 

I successfully unpacked all of our remaining glasswares and crystal... 
put away some... 
and displayed others.

Why do we have so many wine glasses?

I love the way the blue wall reflects 
through the crystal returned to its cabinets

I created new displays in the welsh cabinet in the kitchen using all the pieces I had forgotten about and rediscovered as I unpacked!
And also, in the new glass doored builtin cabinets. 

I was excited to be reunited 
with so many pretty pieces I had forgotten we had!

antique welsh cabinet

My cookie jars and a few special dishes were awarded 
the coveted double wedding ring cabinet display!

Meanwhile, In the garage... our old kitchen cabinets are being updated to sportswear sheik!


first coat red

second coat

garage storage and 
new steel counter ready for use!

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