Friday, September 11, 2015

A Table Runner of Modern Background- PAPER

In spite of feeling overwhelmed by all of the medias shared images & memories of nightmares past that will never be forgotten... today has been a productive quilting day.

For 14 years now, September 11 has become a day of remembrance... 
and between televised memorials & phone calls shared with loved ones... I have quilted. 

As a New Yorker... we all lost someone we knew.
It was devastating, terrifying, angering... 
I could go on and on. 

But I would rather share some quilting.

My local quilt shop: A NIMBLE THIMBLE
had a charm pack of
Modern Background- PAPER 
by Brigitte Heiland for ZEN CHIC
for moda
I just love it!

I am making a table runner...
Nothing too complicated.
Honestly... I haven't the attention span today.
I am just sort of making it up as I go...

I decided to create rows 
to include the precuts scattered "haphazardly"

I ended up creating 4 rows

I kept trying to decide on row placement 
and shifting them about on my design wall
(Some of the squares were too close to others-since I had not bothered to preplan or measure...)
Eventually, I decided to add in a strip between each row...

I pieced the back... put it all back up on the design wall, 
and realized I didn't like it... too wide :(
So... I removed one row...
3 was right I decided...

I used an adhesive basting spray to attach the piecing 
to a scrap of batting I had laying around. 
I have no idea what type it is... or when it is from...

Using my walking foot, I started out quilting in straight lines

Table runners back

As I neared the sides I decided to use slight waves
 to add some motion

Ironically... I ran out of fabric before I could make a binding. 
(If I had not made cuts for the fourth row... I would have had enough...)
Hopefully my local fabric shop will have some more...

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