Friday, September 4, 2015

September 2015: Lovely Year of Finishes ~ Goal

I have fallen in love with the new mode fabrics:

Modern Background- PAPER 
by Brigitte Heiland for ZEN CHIC
for moda

My local quilt shop sold out so fast! 
I was lucky to snag a charm pack! So today I started a table runner. I hope to have it finished sooner than later... but it will be my September goal!

Modern Background- PAPER charm squares


first column


  1. I'm now all caught up with your blog! I think I was about 5 weeks behind. I love your row by rows. Keep it up!
    I love your dining room and I think the table runner will be great! I can't believe how quickly that fabric went. If moda is smart, they will reprint and make them standard basics.

    1. TY. I agree... & I hope MODA is listening.
      I am always looking for interesting fabrics that play as solids... but aren't