Friday, August 19, 2016

Crumbs & the Olympics of Wedding Planning

It has been a long stormy week with minimal time to myself for quilting... 
But, I do try to give myself time to create at least one more crumb block per day. Some days I achieved... some not. 
But hey, it is something... was an orange sorta week...

now what???


Today will bring to an end a jam packed 2 week visit for wedding planning and its accompanied commotion... with the olympics playing endlessly on the TV- 24 hours a day!
The highlight for me, was to be included in a day of shopping for wedding gowns! 
And while none had the total "IT" factor resulting in a "say yes to the dress", I learned a lot:
     -I learned very few wedding dresses are white anymore! (I am kinda on the fence on this one)
     -Embellishments are nearly all used to add even more color & bedazzle... 
     -The top of your budget priced wedding gown, is just a "foundation" to what then receives further added embellishment with belts of every color & style, tulle & bling.
My most favorite discovery for the bride of 2017:
(Heaven forbid we miss out on those i-Phone selfies!)

In my opinion my future daughter-in-law looked beautiful in nearly every dress. Hopefully, she will find her dream dress soon...

I loved the beading illusions on the back of this one!

This dress has 4 different color layers 
allowing this amazing 3d effect!

(my fav)

Also beautiful... and one of the only true white ones we found!

...but in the end...
She did not say yes to the dress...

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