Tuesday, December 13, 2016

"Time to say goodbye (Con te partirò)": An evening with Andrea Bocelli

On Saturday night, December 10, 2016, 

Scott and I drove to Dallas for a romantic evening with Andrea Bocelli.

It is hard to describe his voice & the feelings he inspires in to written words... 
but I am going to do my very best to try.
We supported PBS KERA during their pledge drive and purchased tickets to sound check, a pre-show lite supper, and fantastic concert seats.
Having a son who's life is spent with more time in rehearsals & sound checks than on stage performing with his cello- 
I was especially eager to experience this end of things.
We entered the American Airlines Center to find it had been transformed from a basketball super arena to an acoustically balanced concert hall.
Quietly we sat... people snapped pics (less than discreetly as requested) while onstage musicians, techs, and performers continued their run through.
Side stage were 3 young children sitting calmly... watching, listening... playing without distraction. Obviously, not American I guessed- our kids would have been all over the place! The younger of the 3 was Bocelli's. Precious, this tour is a family experience for all & I truly admire that!
Sound, lighting, mics, dance, violins... Bocelli kept it limited... saving his powerful vocals for the show.
When Katherine McPhee appeared for her duet check- she was on her cell phone texting away. She looked like a trench coat clad disinterested teenager... I could not help but laugh & wonder if she was worthy.
Her vocals and later performance would certainly prove me wrong. 

Andrea Bocelli 
December 2016 
10 DEC 2016

After sound check we met with some other KERA supporters in a room overhead to mix, mingle, & share some wine & appetizers... 
then it was finally time for the concert. 

...well, ticketed American time, anyways.

Pre-concert at the American Airlines Center
Andrea Bocelli's concert CINEMA

Perhaps in true traditional Italian fashion, things got going 20 minutes after 8PM.

Scott was thrilled to gain press credentials and took amazing pics from press area- allowing me to just enjoy every note and aria. No need to worry about sneaking iPhone images & videos like everyone around me.
(My only real pet peeve of the night were all those flashes and videos all show! Seriously folks... let the "others" post it on u-tube- don't waste this opportunity) 

It is hard to believe how large this arena is...
to know that cheering fans usually fill the official arena seating...
to stare down at that court and that we were sitting 5 rows back upon it from center stage!!!

Concert Program

The opening song was performed by the Dallas symphony & choir... 
setting the mood and further building up the anticipation....

And then finally- the conductor escorted him on stage. 

Image Projection "Threads"

And from his very first note- the arena felt like a small symphony hall.

His voice is powerful- while being intimate.
The stage was expansive and he stands alone with the orchestra and choir behind him.

He looked to me- nearly as vulnerable as he did empowered completing that first aria to the crowds erupting applause. 
He reaches deep within to share his gift with all of us... while trusting those around him to aid him in doing so.

He shared the stage with:
vocal soprano Ana Maria Martinez
"guest artist" Katharine McPhee
violinist Caroline Campbell
2 dancers at times
as well as pick up musicians & a choir from the Dallas area.

Bocelli with Eugene Kohn, Conductor

Throughout the evening his guest artists had opportunities for hailing their own talent, as well as duets with him. 

Caroline Campbell

Ana Maria Martinez

One of my favorite moments was seeing the smile on Bocelli's face when he introduced us to his Music Project, "Voices of Haiti" while singing Amazing Grace.

Vocally, the first half of the show was mainly "operatic arias" shared at times with Ana Maria Martinez.
The evenings second half had more of a pop tone.

Katherine McPhee (from American Idol & Scorpion) didn't appear until the 7th song after intermission and the crowd erupted when she finally took the stage and they sung "The Prayer".

Katherine McPhee

After waiting so long for concert day to arrive... 
and finally for it to begin- 
it was hard to accept it was now already over :(

He did 3 encores... 
saving "Time to say goodbye (Con te partirò)" for last. 

Reluctantly, it was indeed time to say goodbye- 
but hopefully- only for now...

a pic from last spring
when we enjoyed a weeks stay at the Bocelli farmhouse 
 Bocelli's Teatro del silenzio in Lajatico

TY to my DH Scott for his photographic commitment
and determination to alway snap the best & share
Nearly all of the added images above are his!


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