Monday, February 6, 2017

Creating Wedding Ribbon Wands

My kids are marrying in a beautiful reception space... followed by a cocktail hour "presto chango" whilst the room flips from ceremony to reception. Because we are in one room... I wanted to create something "celebratory" for the new "Mr. & Mrs" as they take their recessional walk back down the aisle.

So I decided to create WEDDING WANDS!

I ordered a 100 yard roll of personalized ribbon on line.
Purchased assorted ribbons in "their colors" & theme locally to allow some variations 
- 12 inch dowels 
- 18 mm jingle bells
- my trusty hot glue gun 
- various colored ribbon

100 yard roll of customized ribbon 
printed by personal creations
All other ribbons, dowels, & bells purchased at my local Hobby Lobby & Michaels.

For each of the wands, I selected 4 ribbons... hot glued on 1 bell with a twist... & eventually I ended up with a weddings worth of wands.

I hope the kids will like this surprise & our guests might decide to keep one as an extra wedding day momento. 

I cut each length of ribbon approximately 30"

My daughter was visiting... so I got her help!

One of her oldest friends stopped by for a visit...
They tied a bell to the center of a length of sheer ribbon

Every wand includes one personalized ribbon...
one sheer ribbon with a bell...
and 2 other ribbons from a various assortment collected.
All ribbons are then folded in half- 
tied to dowel 
and hot glued in place

sample of completed ribbon wand

After all the wands were fully assembled 
it was time to even out the edges...
Then each ribbon edge needed to be sealed 
by flame to avoid unraveling

2 weeks later... Wands completed!!!

Packed up and ready for transport!

Thank you Deandra & Gabby...
We are all ready now for our congratulatory wave!

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