Friday, April 10, 2015

The kitchen Renovation: WEEK 1 (Year 3)

After years of waiting & dreaming & planning... renovations are finally full speed ahead. 

So, while we started with our contractor over the summer & chose the granite, appliances, and rest in February... this was their first REAL WORK WEEK. 
(For the crew anyways... I have been sorting, and packing, and planning, and reviewing, and shopping for months!)

I have decided to post updates weekly to remind myself of the "journey".

Monday was minimal.

Tuesday was devoted to new electrical circuit boxes.

But Wednesday--- 
Wednesday came at me from all sides. One team was taking apart the window seating while another was taking out pantry cabinets... & Another was in attic exploring gas set up for range change. (And in the middle of all of that the alarm company came to fix something & the exterminator!)

Window seating.... gone! 

Wednesday/Thursday were spent taking apart the pantry/mudroom. 
We are breaking down its wall to add the space to current kitchen.

Thursday they also removed a window where the window seating had been!

By this weeks end there were discussions of old termite damage in that window & asbestos in pantry floor tiles... 

I am grateful it is the weekend & I can clean up some of the mess... and recharge.

Only one week in and I am already losing track 
of who works for who 
and who was hired by our contractor to do what. 

It is very hard for me to try to stay out of their way. 
Not that any of them are discussing it with me anyways.
Honestly, there have been moments this week that have felt like chaos 
& others when I have felt like an outsider looking in.

But I am relieved to say... week one is behind me.

Here is my fortune cookie when I snuck out for some comfort food:

until next week...

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