Friday, April 24, 2015

The kitchen Renovation: WEEK 3

Construction is all but at a pause...  while the carpenters do their thing back at the shop.

Scott and I had a VERY busy & productive weekend working on clearing out the desk a bit more. 
So much accumulation finds its way in to files and drawers. It is unbelievable how much we held on to and forgot about! 
Some- I have no real idea why we saved... & can be easily tossed.
then you stumble on a special memory and everything comes to a complete halt while you sentimentally remember. 

They finally began clearing a bit of pasture for the solar panels. 
I am not quite sure it will be all that easy "being green"... but we plan to give it a try.
Alas, there was only one day all week without rain... so they did not get very far. 
Oddly enough, we discovered pockets of water beneath the sand and walking on it felt like quicksand.

The April showers have allowed the early arrival of the "May flowers"... 
and my flowerbed of roses offered me a spring welcome. 

(pic above is from the only day all week without rain!)

I am excited to report most of the appliances are in & today the sink we chose arrived! I can't wait until we have a counter and cabinets to put it in!

The storms are intensifying... again- so I will keep this update brief.

Until next week,

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