Friday, April 17, 2015

The kitchen Renovation: WEEK 2

It has been what I am told is a particularly calm week in the remodeling world.

Final measuring & remeasuring… 
Final structural planning for new gas & water lines.
The parade of contractors continued.

WEDNESDAY… Wednesday was like that scene in ET when the Mom discovers her son's weakness & E.T. & the government agents invade the house. 

3 trucks pulled up… a big sign was put on the lawn (In case no one saw the huge white trucks)… and then the whole area was sealed off and I was informed I must make myself scarce.
And then the “parade began”... 

2 men in face masks:
breathing gear
disposable coveralls
rubber gloves
rubber boots
goggles… (among other things)

the whole area was sealed off… 
and I was on my way.

I am told they have showers in those trucks 
and everything, everything- including their suits must be properly disposed of.

When the work was finished, the air had to be tested.

I am relieved to report: My kitchen is now asbestos free.   

And then the prep work resumed.

There were quiet moments… but with them… the difficulty sleeping, spending ways too much time on Pinterest & Houzz… obsessively seeking just one last inspiration. 
It was time to make final decisions in flooring, lighting, hardware.
I still knew exactly what I wanted my new kitchen to look like… well, unless I didn’t that is.

After weeks of waiting- my granite sample finally arrived. I adore it & was able to place it beside the wood floor & tile samples we had it narrowed down to. Both looked wonderful.

That night we had awful storms and a friends home one town over was hit by a tornado. 
It put it all my worries in to perspective.

It is a house… one I am blessed to have.

So I went back to my “saves” and reviewed them yet again. 
Nearly all had wood floors… and so I realized I had my answer all along.

The next morning I went to the fixture store & chose all my lighting & cabinet knobs & handles. 

And that night… 
I finally SLEPT. 
I slept without obsessively worrying, rethinking, or staring aimlessly on line. The major decisions were complete!

The next day I handed my contractor a listing of my final selections. 
And that was that.

I want wood in the living room, dining room, hallway & especially- the kitchen. 
I told him to make it stunning! 

Get it right I told him… take my breathe away.

Today the floor guy was here with our contractor to make final measurements to order “our acacia planks”.
I wanted to follow them around and check every measurement.

Instead, I went into the dining room and finished packing another cabinet.
I decided our contractor knows what he is doing or we would not have hired him 
& he is being well paid. 
Time to get use to trusting him to earn it.

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