Friday, May 29, 2015

The kitchen Renovation: WEEK 8

Memorial Day weekend is not only a time to honor those who gave their lives to make our country a better place- It also means furniture shopping sales!!! 

For the first time in a VERY long time… we were among the sale participants!
In 4 weeks or so, they will deliver our new navy & grey farmhouse table & chairs. We also chose 3 bar stools, a desk chair & fabrics for upholstery. 

By days end, I finally had a kitchen decorating palette!!!

 Blue Bahia Granite, Silver Gray & Shimmer Gray Paint for walls, 
White Subway Tiles for Back splash, 
Navy & Grey Wood samples of furnishings, 
& assorted Fabrics for Upholstery & Curtains

On Tuesday & Wednesday cabinet installation continued & was mostly completed by later that night! 

island reassembled to face its correct direction

inner "L" of counter

On Thursday they put together some more cabinet trims, frames, drawers, etc.

It was quite the "production" while 5 people manipulated the stoves vent hood for placement measurements.

The mega 66" range hood vent

Later that day, they put the 300+ pound sink in place so it was ready for the creation of the granite templates...
The granite company will come over and create a set of templates for cutting out the granite to perfect size & shapes...

the sink was placed in the wrong direction.

36" Polished Granite 60/40 Offset Double-Bowl Farmhouse Sink

On Friday, the granite folks were forced to cancel yet again due to high water flooding shutting down roads in Dallas. 

We have NEVER had a spring this wet. The flooding is surreal... 
Houston was especially hard hit last week & I have a close friend whose home was all but destroyed by the  flooding  :(

We expect more thunderstorms & another 2-6"of rain over the weekend. feh...

Today's crew spent the day sanding & caulking to prepare for cabinet painting.

I have chosen the walls & trim colors, but am still having trouble finding a cabinet color to match the subway tiles. 

walls & trim

So many choices... how does one choose?

Anyhow, they left late afternoon and will be back again to continue in the morning. 

caulked drawers they left stacked to dry

caulking between all "joins"

I am not quite sure when the granite templates can be rescheduled. (Or when this rain will stop!)

So, in closing... please put up with me, 
for I need to share a bit of a rant.

Dearest weatherman,
You start every segment with a handsome smile... "Severe thunderstorms are expected again this afternoon and evening. Stay alert for further storm warnings & weather alerts throughout this afternoon and increasing again this evening for your area. We have further chances of flash flooding, damaging wind gusts, hail and tornadoes". 
Seriously, this has been going on now for several weeks. You have my permission to say "have a good day" without your smile and to be angry. We all have too many family members & friends trying to pick up the pieces. I have resolved to keep a bottle of wine and bag of chocolate beside the bathtub in dread of the next time we must "hang out there"... & feel free to spare me your future forecast graphics of another weeks worth of "torrential storms". And GROWL some... this weather sucks... you can admit it!

OK rant over... 

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