Wednesday, December 23, 2015

The Holiday Cookie Exchange

I am blogging a few days early this week because Friday is Christmas. Nearly all my creativity this week has gone to baking & wrapping.
(And tormenting my manicurist for a holiday design for my husbands office party & other events of the season)

my pointers both have Santa hats painted on 
embellished with a rhinestone pompom

The holidays are always surrounded by chaos.
But I do my best to plan ahead...
and then forgive myself when there is still so much to do I go nuts anyways!

Last night I hosted my annual Christmas cookie swap

I have been hosting the moms from the school my kids attended for several years

The gingerbread house LL bean made for me
Did you actually think I could have done that???

I baked 3 different kinds of cookies this year in my new ovens & loved the convenience of multiple trays in place at once!
(I have come a very long way since my one cookie at a time easy bake oven!)

I cooked 4 dozen of each type of cookie at the same time!

I met "the Mommas" through varied parenting groups at school. We were the boosters, the chairman of the prom, the chaperones on the orchestra tour, of the academic meets... etc.

Our kids have long since graduated from HS & their varied colleges
Several already married, 
most living far away... 
a few in the military... even further away.

It is that one evening we always still get together & give ourselves time to visit with old friends to play catchup.

We each bring a few dozen "somethings" to swap...
and everyone goes home with a tray or 2 of a mixed tray to share with their family.

I picked up trays at the dollar store & we go around the table and create our take-home platter!

One non baker decided to bring bottles of wine this year as her contribution. 
In spite of contributions by all our wonderful bakers, we all agreed... WIN!!!

BUT it's not really about the cookies.

This year I decided to run out at the last minute and pick up "fun gifts" for a white elephant surprise swap adding to the fun.

Most popular, this Hollywood Fact or Crap Game was stollen repeatedly!

A Ninja Gingerbread Cookie Kit & Gumby!

R2D2 Q-tips were the other item swapped and fought over most!

This time of year-
So much rushing... planning... stressing... it's to be expected.
The parties... the gifting... the traffic... the frenzy

Thank you old friends... for an evening off.

We were missing a few friends- unable to join us this year.
But, those of us who made it- shared a wonderful evening of 
frienship, love, & laughter.

Merry Christmas to Ya'll!!!

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