Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015: A look back


It has been a VERY BUSY and sometimes hectic year!

We FINALLY remodeled our kitchen!!! But the preparations & it’s completion took centerstage most of 2015.

I am quite proud of myself for a weekly update with pictures sharing all the ups and downs... forwards and backwards... successes and delays...
all leading to my dream kitchen!

(So if you really want to learn what it took to get us here... go back to "week one".)

I started exploring renovation options & obsessing way before January 2015… 
but that is when the real plan and prep went in to effect… 

So all I can really write to describe the year early on is...

I spent most of it 
& prepping.

Eventually, the kitchen was hallowed out 
and the actual remodel was readied.
(March, 2015)

At about the same time we broke ground on our solar project!

after land prep, the solar panels were placed and ready to create their power

Our big February treat- 
We enjoyed a performance by Ringo & his All-Starr band! 

Unreal… a Beatle here in Tyler!

"I get by with a little help from my friends"

I also participated in the 2nd QuiltCon modern quilting convention in Austin 

QuiltCon show floor between workshops

March in East Texas always means quilt show. 
I entered 4 quilts this year!

April 17th we celebrated our 27th wedding anniversary here in Tyler with a performance by Penn & Teller.

After the show, 
we discovered Teller talks more than any guest 
Tyler ever hosted after 2 hours of stage show silence!

As the renovations continued… 
graduation preparations dominated! 
It was a big year for our kids!

May 7-8th ,we celebrated our son Mason’s graduation from The Berklee College of Music in Boston. My parents were able to fly in to share the weekend making it even more special!

Batchelor of Performing Arts 
in Movie Film Scoring and Music Business 
from The Berklee College of Music in Boston, Mass

We flew in from Texas & my folks flew in from Florida!

June continues to be dominated by kitchen renovations...

July 9th we snuck out of town again to head to Notre Dame for our daughter Deandra’s graduation weekend. She waited until we got their to announce her valedictorian surprise… as she received her masters in education.

Masters of High School Education 
from Notre Dame University in Indiana

Later that month we participated in am East Coast cross country drive with the Lambo GIRO…  

August to September were focused on Dining Room remodel

& further tweeting of Scott's garage- recycling old kitchen cabinetry...

& I was able to make a queen sized quilt for Mason's first apartment.

He would message me upon arrival with a pic of quilts back that he love it... 
when I told him that was the back and he FINALLY looked at this side... 
he like it even more!

October, I spent time preparing & attended the 2015 International Quilt Show in Houston!

A workshop I took entitled Jumpstart your creativity with Sue Olson
(currently in mu UFO pile :(  )

November. started out with his “race car” fantasy lambo “camp”...

& concluded withThanksgiving- our first family event cooked in our new kitchen


Another 2015 achievement: the successful creation (after a bit over a year) to form:

The Tyler Modern Quilt Guild! 

The members available to join in at 
our first formal meeting as The Tyler Modern Quilt Guild

First weekend in December…we finally snuck away for a 75th Birthday Celebration Cruise for my Dad. 

We brought 3 Generations together for an unforgettable celebration. 

3 generations celebrate Marty's 75th birthday 
aboard the Carnival Sensation December 3-6,  2015

(I was really sad my daughter could not join in the fun… but school commitments left it impossible).

And now it is years end…

What lies ahead? 

Hopefully further renovation…

good times with family and friends… 



and laughter.

Happy New Year to All!

If I had to pick the 2 pictures that most "represented 2015 for me... it would have to be these:

"Za Bin"... It represented: sort... pack... and TOSS ...
parking in front driveway... early workers- staying late...
no kitchen meant bathroom & laundry room "kitchenette" 
and eating out all meals for months on end



Appliance heaven!

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