Friday, January 8, 2016

2015: A Lovely Year of Finishes wrap up

Looking back over 2015... it has been a VERY BUSY year! Home remodeling and travels dominated... leaving limited time for quilting. But I did manage to accomplish the completion of several of my goals.
(Several never being "officially posted"....)

Kick starting 2015,  my January goal was prepping for Quiltcon. 
I registered for 3 modern workshops requiring quite a bit of prep!

Gathering supplies already in my "Arsenal" and ordering what I needed...

My end of the month entry:
Included creation of a few BOM for our new challenge of TMQG & challenge blocks for QGET & further quiltcon prep. As in the past, my follow through on the BOM would be short lived 😒

Fabrics accumulated and prepped for Quiltconworkshops

Piecing selvages to create quilt blocks

The month of Febuary was overpowered with packing up our kitchen pre remodel after several months of architectural planning. 
It also meant the creation of selvage square blocks in every free moment I had for the quilt layout workshop I registered for.

I needed to create 15-20 quilt blocks 
for the quilt locks layout workshop 
and quickly realized I had complicated things-
 far more than was needed!
I also spent a few hours creating a "challenge block" for our local quilt show....

I loved each varied size and star or pinwheel block I created...
 But they were VERY tedious and time consuming

Business cards I created for Quiltcon distribution

By February end, Quiltcon was but a memory. It had flown by with chaos at times. I had over scheduled workshops... Allowed too little free time to explore... And been forced to leave early to get home before an ice storm.

A brief show floor moment... YeeHaw!!!

My modern wedding ring workshop accomplishment after a full day of curves... Oh...

My final layout from workshop after 4 varied designs....

Curves workshop

Fair well Quiltcon, until next time...

My goal for March was to follow through on my Quiltcon workshop WIP.
I needed to for fill my guilds Valentine challenge first.

A sorting of selvages by color family

Creation of a "color wheel" surrounding a heart"

Complete project

And then renovation chaos continued leaving less & less time to sew...
BUT, first- we had to get through our local quilt guild show & I am on the board. 
Any free time not used in remodel was now occupied by the QUilt Guild of East Texas.

By April & May my sewing space was abandoned and I was barely sewing at all.
My son graduated college & I escaped the construction site for the weekend!

In June I did manage to refocus on my modern guilds crayon challenge.

We drew 3 crayons from a bag sight unseen & that was it... Plus white

I decided on a wonky log cabin

Somehow, I compiled my months goal!
finished quilt

Tyler Modern Quilt Guild Crayon Challenge Quilt

Quilts back

July my kitchen was completely gutted. Workers were here sun up to sun down and I was barely hanging in there... My daughter graduated grad school and we flew out there and I visited family in Florida as well.
Thus, July goal not posted
riley blake challenge

A fabric. Dye workshop

Riley Blake fabric challenge

Still "kitchen less" and traveling a lot in August... I once again failed to post goal.

By now I decided to start collecting "row by rows" of the places I was traveling and actually complete some!

My son got his first apartment and requested a queen sized quilt... And hell, it's not. Like I had anything else to do.

I decided on a layer cake quilt to "keep things simple"

I hate wool batting! Never again!

Finished quilt

Things were pulling together in kitchen... I was quilting daily... But in September I still failed to set goal?

A visit to my local shop left me in love with a charm pack & I decided to leave all my WIPs aside and make a zen table runner for my nearing completion kitchen.

zen Cic charm squares and 2 yards of blue

A new table runner for a new table in a new kitchen!

October came & went with much convention preparations & projects... But I failed to set goal.
selvage shoes

Ruler Quilting online workshop on Craftsy

Selvage so for shoes!

Decoupage get Toms

Love them!

I returned home from the international Quilt show inspired and focused.

And then.... The family visits and thanksgiving distractions would take over.
baby quilt
Wonderful workshop!

Halloween pajama party

Bindings and borders workshop

December goals....
baby quilt

Pickup sticks workshop

Founding members of The Tyler Modern a Quilt Guild

A baby quilt for Kira in "her colors"

2015 was a VERY hectic year. From a quilters perspective I definitely added more to the WIPs than I completed...
I now have my dream kitchen, wood floors, and remodeled dining room.
We flew off for two graduations, several family visits, and 2 quilters conventions.
My husband had a few of his dream drives... And officially, we formed our Modern Quilt Guild.

I accomplished more last year than I have in most! I am exhausted... And in need of refueling just glancing back through it.
I blogged every Friday the whole year keeping accurate renovation records with pics!

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