Friday, February 19, 2016

There is a bed in there somewhere?

Both of my kids have "moved on"... so it is too late to change the way I let them leave their rooms at this point. (if only!)

Personal spaces- only made worse after college was over & the "dorm essentials" were deposited into that same "storage unit" I continue to call my kids bedrooms.

"Do with it whatever you want- I don't care"

How many times did we have that discussion over holiday visits before it finally sunk in. 

Perhaps, someday the treasures I have saved & could not part with will have meaning for them. But for all the rest of it...
it was time.

My sister is bringing the triplets to visit for spring break & everyone needs places to sleep!

that is how I spent my mornings- my afternoons- & my evenings the past couple of weeks.

It is an exhaustive emotional roller coaster of disgust!!!

But I see a light at the end of the tunnel!

My son's bedroom after years of neglect &
his college graduation "final deposit" before moving


I failed to take a pic of my daughters room... she had started some of the purging over Christmas, so it was no wheres near as bad as my son's room. 
But I made it presentable to welcome guests as well.

my daughters room

I failed to leave myself much time for quilting... but I did baste my quilt & it is ready for stitch work this week!

ready to quilt

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