Friday, February 5, 2016

Pokemon, Gameboy, Star Wars... & Candy Wrappers

No time for quilting :(

This week I have taken on the challenge of conquering my sons bedroom. 

I have been informed repeatedly by my 22 year old son that he "no longer lives here" and to "do whatever I want with his stuff". 

After optimistically nagging him at every "visit" home to let me help him pack up what he wants to keep- I have given up.
I am on my own. (Realistically, I always was)

I wish I had thought to take pics at the start... it looks worse now that I am half way through... but I know where everything is. (well- kinda, sorta)

We still have his bunk bed with all of its hidden storage spots
I had no idea there were so many video game comic books & magazines in print!

Drawers, hidden shelves, cabinets, built in desk... everything a boy needed

nearly asphyxiated by 20 years of dust... the cubbies are empty- awaiting new storage

Amongst the dust & candy wrappers, I found  hoards of Pokemon cards, star wars toys, game boy games, cassette tapes and a Walkman... it was like a 1990's flashback!

Then I moved on to the bookshelves.
Why do we have multiple copies of every Harry Potter book... and several unreturned school textbooks?

I kept out the books I thought my "guest" might actually read again & put the rest in the closet- or in the donation pile.

bookshelves used for real books... not piles sideways and falling off

Comics & Game Manuals stacked on top shelf of closet. 
As a "Big Bang" fan- I have learned someone somewhere might be willing to pay for anything. 
Since my boy is a musician... he may need them someday. (But I hope not)

Perhaps the hardest part for me are all the handmade projects & school papers I saved.
Mom's & Dad's... if anyone out there is actually reading this... they are dust magnets! 
and in the end-
no one really cares but us.

so I took pics.

They will be cherished memories.

teared up some...


No one will ever notice or care...

I emptied out his closet so I could start over. 
It will store "some" clothes... for his "visits".
And the rest will be donated!

Now that the closet has a floor and shelves it will store his comics... collectables... and whatever else I can get in there! 

But for today... I am now on empty... 
and alas- the room likes like a tornado hit.

such is life... they grow up... 
they move out... 
and leave behind THEIR CRAP!


organized chaos... to be continued

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