Thursday, September 8, 2016

Irreconcilable Differences

Some times you give it your quilters' best. 
You plan it... you cut it... you piece it...
but it's still not a quilt until you quilt it.

Many send all their quilts off for others to quilt. 
I have done that for king sized ones. 
But I feel confident quilting a lap quilt on my standard 🏡 home machine.

Still, Sometimes... sometimes, it still just doesn't work out & you have to know when to just step back and let it go.

Frustratingly, this is one of those projects. 
Here is what happened:

Fully assembled, all was going well & I had a 46" by 46" giant star square quilt.

I had used a lot of best press spray starch all along the way... but the Micheal Miller fabric required for the MM 2016 challenge has a weave leaving so much stretch regardless. 
So even after spray basting... I decided to pin baste.

 Lone star baby quilt pattern by Amy Smart

spray basted & pinned

quilting on my Babylock Elisimo

The puckers were awful... so I ripped the stitches out & started over making further stitch tension adjustments, etc. 
And this time... the puckers were even worse!
& I could not deal with any more time with my seam ripper, so I put it aside for the day.

The next morning... it looked even worse!!!
Somehow... the elasticity of fabric had now added to the puckers around the stitch work. It was pulling every angle...

I had tested threads & stitches and tensions before I started this project... but that was on a scrap... 
obviously... I was wrong :(

quilt front

quilt back

Hard as it is... some times... you just need to put a project a side for a while & hope it won't  remain an eternal WIP.
Perhaps I can eventually repurpose the blocks somehow.
Perhaps not... either way... for now...
it's off to the WIPs stack...
Where there are pieces I love and I am reminded I promised myself I would finish... someday...

As for the Michael Miller challenge... let's just call us parting with irreconcilable differences...

At least I did accomplish one thing. I got my teal swap in the mail... 
I hope a warm cup of tea awaits its arrival... 

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