Friday, September 30, 2016

Pins in the Robyn's Nest

It's been a some what productive week... 
or shall I say, 
as productive craftily as things go these days...
I participated in my second swap 
& I not only designed & created a 
but I actually just popped it in to the mail!

Heather Valentine organizes the swaps for 
The Scrappy Girls Club 
and assigned me 
a swap with another Robyn!!!
We exchanged some emails...
her favorite color is teal- and she likes animals.

So I gave it some thought & decided... 
on a "Robin & her nest" for Robyn!

October 2016

found a bird pattern to download 
off Internet & gathered my scraps

converted bluebird to a "Robin" with a "red breast"

stitch & flip

Outlined a plate to sew selvages in place to weave a birds nest

Selvage birds nest trimmed for "residency"

birds nest from bottom...
I pulled all the selvages within... 
nest, I sewed edges... 
flipped outward... 
and stuffed in place to allow raised edges for "nesting"

Rice filled bird (tail side)

hand sewn closure of pincushion...
attaching wings and tail

Beads sewn in place for eyes
another scrap for beak

perched robin pincushion in her nest

Pincushion Ready to fly south...
In the Robyn's Nest


  1. This is super creative and looks great! I'm glad you are making use of those selvedges.

  2. I use selvedges in nearly all my projects... and your contributions are always appreciated!