Sunday, September 18, 2016

Machine Mastery... 6 1/2 hours later

It was finally time for my new Bernina sewing machine mastery class! (I had recently purchased a new machine to transport for workshops and sew days.)
...It seemed it was also time for nearly everyone elses as well & the room was mobbed. I shared a table meant for two... and squeezed my machine on as number three! With half my body way beyond the table... I sat for 6 1/2 hours learning the workings of my newest toy.

My Bernina 350 Ricky Tims special edition 


Now, It would have been really cool if they had a giant model sliced in half to explore... but instead we were tightly plugged to power cords... all makes and models... and our instructor was forced to continually refer us to our manual for our model specifics... & slides on screen. 
I had handouts and my machine manual & was taking notes in my lap & trying to keep interested...
if only...

We began with a review of parts... and basic setup of extension table, etc. 
She reviewed needles, thread...
and then machine TLC.
It appears I have seriously neglected ALL of my other sewing machines past & present. 
(And that is all I shall say on that subject... aside from, yay for q-tips!)

By afternoon... we had learned parts, and machine care & finally moved on to sewing...
Oh yeah... did I mention we had not made a stitch yet!!!
Swatches were distributed & she began to explore stitches and options with all off us... constantly referring us back to the stitch chart for OUR model machine. It made for a LOOOONG day.

My model has 191 stitch patterns... 
if I can remember how to actually get to them!

I left with a better idea of what a "300" series is, does, and potentially could do if I BUY & BUY even more new sewing feet and machine upgrades. I learned why I should long for a "higher" model... and of course- now DO :( 
Most importantly... I learned how to oil the machine & how to drop the feed dogs.
It was a very long day... 

6 1/2 hours later

Happily tucked back in its case,
awaiting its next field trip!

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