Friday, May 1, 2015

The kitchen Renovation: WEEK 4

This week things went from dragging to FULL SPEED AHEAD!!!

Monday was yet another day of rain, so it was not overly productive. But I did manage to finish setting up our “mock kitchen”… not realizing it was about to be in full-time use. I easily shifted the coffee maker, toaster & microwave. I still had the kids fridge from college. Hopefully it will be sufficient.

(hallway bathroom)

(laundry room)

Tuesday our contractor stopped by & asked how much notification I needed before he could start taking apart the kitchen. (I had thought we were a week out). 
I told him to give me a days notice & it would be fine. (Alas, the computer desk still needed quite a bit more work)

To my surprise… he said… 
OK— consider this the days notice for a 
"slow demo”.

(This is it)

On Wednesday at 8AM the contractor and his merry men arrived to begin their idea of a "slow demo".  
The dumpster arrived and the crew was ready to go.

Except for the desk, I easily had everything else cleared out and ready for the slow start. 

I was nailed in and taped in place behind kitchen sealants to protect this end of the house from the kitchen & all its well organized chaos. I remained puttering about back—  (The next day I would remember to move my car & and not get blocked in)

As I ate my sandwich standing in the laundry room, enjoying my new "kitchenette window" view resting my plate on my ironing board- I realized this was it… sandwiches and suds… With construction sound affects as a background soundtrack 

Around 4PM the workers left & I finally meandered to the other end of the house to check the progress on my "slow demo”. 


I could not believe how much had already been demolished! All that remained was the desk! 

To say I was anxious how my husband might react with how much he still had to finish up that night is an understatement… but he really wasn’t worried & got it all done.

(Things are being neatly set aside for pickup by Habitat for Humanity)

On Thursday...
Inside, they demolished the desk & what little remained. They were in and out of the attic all day working through the best solutions for ventilation, relocation of gas & electric lines, & insulation.

Outside, the ground was finally dried out enough for them to resume work on the solar project. BUT- things came to a brief standstill when they hit a sprinkler line creating our own little Texas gauzier.

(Currently they are clearing the land in prep of the concrete for the solar panel supports)

There was still quite a bit of activity in and over the kitchen throughout the week- but mostly, Friday was window day! 
I have wanted picture windows in the kitchen a very long time & am very excited with them!

(We are going from a cluster of 2-3-2 windows to a 3 window bay! 
Here is a pic of the first window installed... )

Exhausted, they called it a day a little while ago and will continue next week.

And... amid all the renovation activity: we once again became empty nesters as our hatchlings learned to fly!

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