Wednesday, May 6, 2015

The kitchen Renovation: WEEK 5

This day got off to a dreadful start when my refrigerator achieved subzero gravity. Fortunately (or unfortunately) my shoulder and ear stopped it from hitting the ground. I am running the clothes I was wearing through the wash for a second time now in a decreasingly optimistic attempt to free them of the pickle juice that exploded everywhere! I was attempting to empty the fridge out because today they are grinding away the brick floor. Now I won’t pretend to fully understand all that is involved with that… but I know it was not meant to be done with the odor of pickle juice and shattered glass. So now I whimper in the back of the house, blasting a TV over the sounds of progress while “licking my wounds”.

It has been a very productive renovation week thus far. 
I am writing midweek because we head out at dawn for my son’s college graduation. We will miss 3 kitchen workdays, so I am not quite sure what we will return home to.

The solar power guys worked all weekend determined to get their concrete poured between the thunderstorms. Texas appears to be laughing in the faces of all and anything being planned outdoors and has chosen now to recover from its multiyear drought with a dramatic crescendo of storms. I have begun to call them "the little solar team that could”.
They continued to dig their trenches… & the snakes finally seem to have gotten the message this campground is closed.
By the weekends end- they had all the metal poles buried deep awaiting their cement. (The skies above put a stop to that… repeatedly)

(First support placed Saturday)

(Nearly a full row of supports by Sunday)

I spent several hours reorganizing my “kitchen pack outs” already piled throughout playroom and compacted it to one side so as to allow for storage of appliances as needed as they arrive. Then I moved on to straighten up my sons room in case he decides to spend some time home after graduation.  

On Monday, drywall removal revealed even more termites came to dinner  :( 

(Awaiting exterminator assessment)

It was also a  final visit with Deandra’s Dr. Who style crack in the wall. Years ago, when learning to drive, the wall in the garage got in her way when the gas & breaks were a bit misplaced.
(Deandra was here)

Tuesday was dedicated to ceiling vents & another picture window. I was really excited when the sun appeared (briefly) to shine in.


We got our first view of the long pantry window without obstacles blocking it off
kudos to the skies above and the determined "little solar team that could” for finally pouring the concrete to support the solar panels.


(The extended pantry with its new window!)

Today, Wednesday- the sounds of the brick floor grinder were deafening while the jackhammer (or whatever it was) dug out paths for gas lines and wiring.
I honestly expected the whole kitchen to look like a lego toy box when I reentered... but it didn't.

(The new window over the sink)

(The brick floor after being ground down all day. 
They drew outlines of cabinet placement on them for our final view of placement.)

(Todays Panoramic)

Somehow,  "the little solar team that could" managed to install most of the solar panels before the afternoon skies erupted. I hiked out there for these pics. The mud is bubbling like quicksand. 


Time to wrap this up.
Mason graduated from the Berklee College of Music in Boston this past weekend... we couldn't be prouder

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