Friday, May 15, 2015

The kitchen Renovation: WEEK 6 & The CRAYON Challenge

By 5 AM Thursday we were at the airport, Boston bound for my sons college graduation at the Berklee College of Music. 
We flew my folks in from Florida to share in the celebration. We walked & ate our way from one end of Boston to the other. 
We watched him perform one last time as a college student on his cello 
& walk across the stage for his diploma. 
I couldn’t be prouder.

By the time we returned home late Monday night I was too tired to really look around much at the kitchen renovations. 
The storms in Texas have been more violent than any I remember in years past and I was happy to have flown in without complication. 
A town very nearby had a violent EF3 tornado the night before and the path of its destruction was severe. We had been very lucky.

It wasn’t until Tuesday morning that I could see what had gone on in the kitchen while we were gone. The crew had kept busy.

The gas lines had been moved to accommodate the “megastove” and as were the returns for the air vents. 

Windows, electricity, waterlines… all were tweaked and inspected… and then retweaked.

Attic & wall insulation was replaced & air vents were placed in living room. 

Also, The rounded corner on the brick steps was eliminated in preparation for the wood floors.

The new gas line

(I didn't do it!)

Tuesday was drywall application for resealing the kitchens walls and all that lied beneath and above it.

Wednesday I shall call the “mud” parade. 

The gang arrived early to tape down floor coverings before they began to apply the “mud”--- staying way past normal work hours. 
It fills in every seam, hole, cut… it creates the new walls & ceiling…
(and one heck of a mess!)

I am told it will take at least 5 days to dry and turn from gray to white as it does.

We also had a new kitchen door installed.

Unfortunatley, the current humidity is not helping the drying process & it is beginning to crack... 
so the "mud" gang will be back in the morning.

More severe storms each afternoon and evening have left me wondering how long it really will take since we need to close the window and doors as the weather intensifies.


drum roll please…

I finally returned to my quilting room and remembered the joy of quilting

I took my selvage quilt off the wall to the WIP pile after realizing I had been staring at it for months adding to my frustration & I needed a fresh mindless start.

My modern quilting group is hosting a crayon challenge

We each chose 3 crayons from a bag without peeking 
and are challenged to create something with its colors. (We can add white as a 4th)

And while peach & lime are absolutely not colors I would usually quilt with… I must admit, I am rather glad I am. 

I am creating a full sized lap throw with a wonky log cabin concept. No measuring, preplanning, or stressing. Just piecing & smiling.

I have the front pieced, the back, & the binding ready to go! Hope to quilt it next week!


My son flew home with us to visit for a few weeks and discovered the reverb in the empty kitchen! I have always loved listening to him sing...

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