Friday, May 22, 2015

The kitchen Renovation: WEEK 7

Kitchen work all but came to a standstill the first half of the week awaiting the drying of the "Mud" on the walls and ceiling. 
I think I explained last week that the "mud" as they call it, is the layers of plaster to make it all "flow"... it fills in the holes, the splits, the panels, etc and gives texture at the same time. 

Drying the mud layers requires 5 days & has been stressful. 
I cannot recall there ever being so wet a spring in East Texas. The storms have been daily & humidity a constant. They have done their best to keep air circulating for the surfaces to dry.

The ceiling "Mud" crew

In the middle of all the bad weather (after several weeks delayed), they actually succeeded in finishing the solar panel installation. 
We can't wait to see how much power we can generate when we actually have a full day of sun.
After permits, installation & inspections, the power company has to be reached out to so we are "added to the grid" and generating power "for sale".  If we reach a point when we are actually generating more power than we use, the electric company is required to purchase the excess.

 metering the solar power

The solar panels during a cherished spring moment of after storm sun

Next up for their crew: the filling of the trench... 
the babbling brook created by the spring storms of 2015.

They have trucked in dirt.

They have planted sod.
Hopefully it will not float away during this weekends expected additional 4-6 inches!

Back to the kitchen...

On Thursday morning the kitchen cabinets arrived. 
I was so excited to finally see them. You stare at pinterest & houz & plan and plan... but until they are touchable they just aren't "real".

There was one team trying to unload the truck between downpours, one working inside, and finally a third station set up for cutting and "fittings". 

It is like a beautiful wood Lego set.
Alas, I can read their architectural directions as well as I could those Lego's! So while I played guess the piece... I eventually had to go to the back and let the crew create their magic.

By the end of Thursday they had made a lot of progress!

china cabinet... still need to choose glass cabinet doors

window seats


On Friday the cabinet installation continued after a few measurement discrepancies, resulting in a few being sent back for a redo. 

All lower cabinets must be in place before the granite shop can come draw their templates. Then we must choose the counter cut locations based upon those template layouts for best use of our granites beauty.

the morning cabinet crew

(mostly) finished desk

part of "L" counter



After the crew had finished for the day, I finally made my way up front to explore.

Indeed, they had gotten very far... There are more cabinets in place, than stacked in wait!

further adjustments will also need to be a part of next week. 

My island and stove are facing the wrong way! 
Hilarious- (to me anyways, I doubt my contractor will think so)

center Island with stove slot on desk side?


  1. That's all very cool. Kitchen renovations can take a bit of time, especially since you've worked this out with the plasters and stuff. To make a great renovation design, you have to fortify the foundations and the base, by patching up the walls and the ceiling, at the very least. I'm sure a really awesome kitchen is going to be born from this. Good luck!

    Homer Collins @ Pinnacle Renovations

  2. It's been a very long spring/summer. But well worth it. Ty for positive words of encouragement